Men's Merino Blend Thermals

Thermals are a staple gear list item for adventuring in the outdoors or travelling, especially in cold weather. They form the base layer of your outfit, helping you stay warm and comfortable. Our Merino blend thermals combine Merino wool and recycled polyester for a high performance fabric blend that keeps your core temperature regulated, wicks moisture from your skin and has superior wear and strength properties. From alpine sports to everyday use, choose our Merino blend thermals for high performance you can depend on.

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What are the benefits of wearing merino blend thermals?

Our Merino blend thermals are a high-performance mix of Merino wool and recycled polyester. The main benefit of this fibre blend is that it is faster drying than 100% Merino of the same weight, and 45% stronger with enhanced fabric properties such as burst strength, stretch and recovery. It also has a greater resistance to pilling and abrasion. Best of all, the Merino component ensures the benefits of wool, like thermal regulation, breathability and odour-control, are retained.

Which men's merino blend thermals are best for very cold weather?

Merino wool thermal layers help to keep your body temperature regulated so you stay warm and comfortable during cold weather activity. They do this through the natural Merino wool fibres that trap body heat close to the skin surface. Pair our Merino wool men's thermal shirts with our Merino wool men's thermal pants for a complete set of base layer comfort and warmth.

Which men's merino thermals are best for wet weather?

Thermals are designed to be the base layer of your layering system, worn under a mid-layer piece like a fleece top or down vest, and a hard-shell outer-layer such as a rain jacket, snow jacket or softshell jacket. While our Merino blend thermals are moisture-wicking and quick-drying, they are not water-resistant or finished with any waterproof treatments. So keep your thermal layers at the base layer level where they belong - they should never see water unless they're getting washed.

How should I layer men's merino blend thermals?

Merino blend thermals are most effective as a close-fitting base layer during cold weather activity. Designed to deliver next-to-skin comfort, the natural Merino wool traps body heat against your skin, keeping your core temperature regulated. So think of them as thermal underwear. From here, add a mid-layer garment such as fleece top, down vest or long sleeved shirt, then finish off your outfit with a hard-shell outer-layer (rain jackets, snow jackets, down jackets etc.) that is suited to the outside conditions and your end use.

What merino blend thermal tops are available for men?

Our Merino blend thermal tops come in a long sleeve style, in sizes ranging from Extra Small to 3XL. There are two colourways - solid black, and a yarn dye stripe in black and charcoal. We also offer men's thermal tops in Polypro and 100% Australian Merino.

What merino blend thermal pants are available for men?

We have Merino blend thermal pants in a solid black colourway, with sizes ranging from Extra Small to 3XL.

Like our men's thermal tops, we also offer men's thermal pants in Polypro and 100% Australian Merino.



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