Expedition Tents

For your most demanding adventures, a Mountain Designs expedition tent is the only choice. These premium shelter options are built with rugged design and reinforced materials to deliver dependable 4-season protection that withstands even the most extreme of weather conditions. Fit-for-purpose functionality and high quality construction will keep you bunkered down when nature gets nasty so pitch a Mountain Designs expedition tent when safe harbour from the elements is non-negotiable.

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What is an expedition tent?

An expedition tent is a tent designed to handle more extreme weather conditions and longer stints in the outdoors. They will usually be constructed with a reinforced structural design, and with lightweight yet heavy duty materials. This ensures they can endure heavy rain, wind, snow and low temperatures for longer periods of time. There are different styles but typically you can get an outdoor expedition tent, which is a standard tent to be pitched on the ground, or an expedition roof tent, which is designed to be set-up on the rooftop of a 4WD.

What should you consider when choosing the right tent for you?

When choosing a tent - including expedition tents - you should consider some key design features to ensure your selection meets your adventure needs.

Size - This is generally determined by how many people are going to be sleeping in it. The amount of gear you have will also have a bearing on this, as it may need to be stowed inside if the weather turns. Look at the size of the floor footprint, as well as vertical space for head room and vestibule space for pack storage.

Weight - Like all outdoor gear, think about the weight of your tent. Yes you want a lightweight design so it is easy to carry, but don't compromise on other factors such as protection and comfort just to minimise your load. Remember a tent is essentially useless if you can't get a good night sleep in it.

Location - Think about the weather conditions you are going to be experiencing when you've set up for the night. The tent needs to be constructed with materials and a design that can withstand rain, wind, cold or warm temperatures, or even snow. Ideally your tent should have a durable, waterproof fly, reinforced pole structure system, seam-sealed construction, and multiple tie-down points to give it the strength and durability you need in more extreme environments.

Functional Design - Functional design elements that enhance comfort, protection and ease of use include gear lofts and storage pouches, windows and other ventilation points, door configuration, and hanging hooks.

Which is the best expedition tent for extreme weather?

When you're bunkering down for the night and you're hit with driving rain, high winds, heavy snowfall or dropping temperatures, you need an outdoor expedition tent designed for the occasion. The best expedition tent should have some or all of the following features in its design:

Heavy Duty/Reinforced Materials - A highly durable ripstop fly that is waterproof and seam sealed will keep rain, snow and wind from entering the tent. Reinforced alloy tent poles are also important to provide structural integrity, and a heavy duty tub floor will ensure any moisture on the ground remains outside where it belongs.

Construction Design - Certain designs will make an outdoor expedition tent more effective. A geodesic design with a strong pole structure will 'catch' and hold a snow load or rain. A pole sleeve system helps keep the inner and poles connected in the configuration they were designed, which will be noticeable in heavier winds.

Functional Design Elements - A snow skirt or storm flap further prevents water from entering the tent by reinforcing protection at ground level, while multiple tie-down points allow you to secure your ground even in fierce weather conditions.

What makes expedition tents highly durable?

For the more demanding adventures that take you into extreme climates and conditions, an outdoor expedition tent that adopts a combination of heavy-duty materials and a reinforced structural design will be most effective. A durable ripstop rain fly that is waterproof and seam sealed is imperative to protect you from heavy rain, snow or winds. The expedition tents for sale at Mountain Designs also use reinforced aluminium tent poles for strength, as well as geodesic designs, which hold snow load on the roof. Design features such as multiple tie-down points for greater stability in stronger winds, and snow skirts for keeping ground frost outside, further enhance the durability and protective capability of the expedition tents.

What sizes of expedition tents can you choose from?

Like any tent, expedition tents are measured based on the capacity of people who can take shelter within. The wide range of tents at Mountain Designs includes both 2-person expedition tents and 3-person expedition tents. A 2-man expedition tent will provide enough floor space for two adventurers to sleep comfortably while storing their gear, but if you're loaded up with bulk equipment because you're trekking for a longer stint, a 3-man expedition tent may be more practical with the extra room it will provide.

Are expedition tents easily packable?

A Mountain Designs outdoor expedition tent is designed to protect you through four seasons and in more extreme weather conditions with hard-wearing materials and reinforced construction design. But you also need to be able to carry it, so while our materials are heavy duty, they are also lightweight to keep the overall weight of the tent down. We also use collapsible tent poles so the tent itself can be packed up quickly and easily into a compact size for transit.



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