36° South – An Australian Backcountry Story

by Chris Wills, Tim van der Krogt, Divya Gordon & Aaron Dickfos

36° South – An Australian Backcountry Story

Following a team of four adventurers that head into the Australian backcountry looking for the steepest terrain the red continent has to offer, this is a story filled with stoke and snow. It challenges popular beliefs of what skiing and snowboarding looks like in Australia, as the group of riders search and ride everything from big alpine lines to playful open bowls. Watch the adventure below then tell us you're not craving some fresh pow.

Film Credits

Featuring Tim van der Krogt, Christopher Wills, Divya Gordon, Aaron Dickfos and Lewis Foster

Directed by Divya Gordon

Filmed by Divya Gordon and Aaron Dickfos

Produced by Rampage Media, Christopher Wills and Tim van der Krogt

All video and images supplied by:

Christopher Wills

Tim van der Krogt

Divya Gordon

Aaron Dickfos




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