Women's Merino Jackets

A Merino jacket provides natural performance benefits that deliver above and beyond many of the other materials used in adventure gear. Using natural Merino wool, which provides thermal regulation, high breathability and moisture-wicking properties, a Merino wool jacket gives you a warm and super comfortable outer layer perfect for cold weather activities. Search our women's jackets range for a Merino wool jacket and step outside with high quality, functional wool clothing designed to take you anywhere.

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What should you look for when choosing a Merino jacket?

A Merino wool jacket is a great layering piece because of the natural Merino wool fibres that trap body heat and have a soft hand-feel. This allows you to wear it alone over the top of thermals or a t-shirt, enjoying the natural insulation and high levels of comfort. In colder conditions or if there is rain or snow falling, your Merino jacket makes a great mid-layer under a hard-shell outer such as a rain jacket or snow jacket. Look at the Merino content when making your selection - a 100% Australian Merino wool jacket will deliver a better insulation performance than a Merino blend.

What are the best women's Merino wool jackets?

Typically, a high quality Merino wool jacket will have less technical design elements than a rain jacket or a snow jacket, but offer you more styling options for your cold weather wardrobe thanks to its more modern, casual look. It will, however, still deliver high performance like those other jackets with the natural Merino wool offering thermal regulation, high breathability, moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, and natural odour resistance. Our Merino women's jackets use 100%, home-grown Australian Merino wool, which is of the highest quality standards globally and has a beautiful hand-feel for comfort.

What are the benefits of Merino wool fabrics?

Merino wool offers a number of benefits that enhance performance and make wool clothing premium by nature. Above all else, it regulates body heat through the natural crimp of the Merino fibre, efficiently trapping warm air next to your skin to keep you comfortable in cold conditions. It is also moisture-wicking, highly breathable and quick-drying, making it an ideal material for using in active outerwear. Another benefit is its natural resistance to odour and bacterial build-up, allowing you to wear your garment more often and for longer, with minimal care and washing.

How warm are women's Merino jackets?

Merino wool efficiently regulates body heat through the natural crimp of the Merino fibre, which traps warm air next to the skin. Our Merino women's jackets make use of this natural fabric property to provide reliable warmth in cold conditions. It is this feature that makes a Merino wool jacket an excellent outer layer option for cool weather activities like hiking, camping, travel or just everyday wear. And if the temperature really drops, you can easily wear a more protective hard-shell, like a rain jacket, snow jacket or down jacket, over the top to further enhance your comfort.

Are Merino jackets good for hiking and trekking?

Merino wool offers outstanding natural insulation and breathability properties, so a Merino wool jacket is a very suitable option for hiking and trekking during the cold season or when you're outside in a cool climate. It also has a natural resistance to odour and bacterial build-up, meaning you can wear it for long periods of activity but still feel fresh at the end of the day. One thing to remember though - while Merino wool is quick-drying it is not waterproof, so it's best to take along a rain jacket for complete weather protection on those trail days when overhead conditions aren't favourable.

Are women's Merino jackets easy to layer?

A Merino wool jacket is a great layering piece for your outdoor wardrobe. For cool, dry conditions, wear your Merino jacket as an outer layer over thermals or a tee for warmth and cosy comfort. If the mercury drops right down or if there's rain about, a hard-shell rain jacket, down jacket or snow jacket can be layered over the top.

Which women's Merino jackets are best for snow and cold weather?

Our Australian Merino women's jackets provide exceptional warmth thanks to the natural Merino wool fibres that regulate body temperature. This insulation will keep you warm and snug in most cold conditions. But if you're heading to the snow, you'll want complete weather protection so a snow jacket - with waterproof shell, insulative fill and technical design elements like hoods, snow skirts and ninja cuffs - is a great outer layer over the top of your wool clothing.



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