How these Globetrotters Travel for a Living

Have you ever dreamed of dropping it all and giving in to wanderlust? Phoebe Lee from Little Grey Box did and made her dreams a reality. We caught up with the roaming writer to discuss how she and her partner Matt make a living from travel blogging.

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How do you make money while travelling full-time?

Matt and I make our income through Little Grey Box by working with brands to create content. This could mean capturing beautiful photos, writing inspiring content for the website or creating gorgeous videos. We choose not to make any income from advertisements placed on the website. I think the most important thing is to decide how you want to make an income, from there you just say no to everything that doesn't align with that and yes to everything that does.

What is the best thing about travelling for a living and working as a travel blogger?

The huge feeling of relief and genuine happiness. I used to be so focused on earning money, getting promotions and obtaining 'things' I thought I needed. Now, I live my life based on what makes me happy. I feel so much more satisfied living my life my way and not worrying so much about material things, focusing my energy on achieving what I really want in this life.

What is your best advice or tips for other travel lovers who want to travel for a living?

Don't ever feel like it's not achievable. For a long, long time I thought it was a pipe dream and could never happen to me because I wasn't good enough, funny enough, interesting enough or pretty enough. A million things held me back, but they were all in my head, just fears. If you love to travel and want it to be your life, it can be! Just trust yourself and go for it.

When you're not travelling, what are you likely doing?

I can tell you what I'm definitely doing... I'm at my house, soaking in as much of home as I possibly can! I'll either be working in my home office, sitting on the couch watching a million hours of Netflix or outside doing some gardening. I love to be at home with Matt and our two cats. You appreciate it much more when you don't get to be home all the time.

Bonus Tips

Making a living while travelling doesn't look the same for everyone. Below are some pointers from a range of other bloggers who have embraced wanderlust as a way of life.


Caz from Ytravel explains on her blog that the best way to earn money while travelling is by creating a solid foundation around you and your blog. While she admits that making money while travelling can be difficult, there are a couple of things you should get if you want to start a travel blog. Create a consistent brand voice, build subscribers, maintain a functional and professional website, launch social media platforms, gather contacts and create a media kit. Having all of this in place before jet setting around the globe to make a living is what gave Caz a step ahead of the rest. Phoebe from Little Grey Box also talks about the importance of setting solid foundations and your rates to achieve a successful and profitable lifestyle from travelling.

Young Adventuress

Liz from Young Adventuress is very open about how she travels for a living on her blog. While she too makes an income from things such as freelancing, being a brand ambassador and sponsored blog posts, her biggest form of success came down to one thing – putting herself out there and joining blogger groups. These groups include Travel Blog Success, BlogHouse and Professional Travel Bloggers Association. By joining these three groups Liz learnt more about the industry, who to connect with and how to turn this hobby into a profession. Being a successful travel blogger doesn't happen overnight. Liz says taking the time to get to know the industry and the people in it is one of the best ways to make money being a travel blogger.

The Professional Hobo

Before becoming The Professional Hobo, Nora was a finance professional. Funnily enough, this previous lifestyle is one of the things that made her travel blog so successful. Through her travels, she discusses money issues people might face when travelling and how to curve them. You can read more of Nora's tips about travelling full-time in a financially sustainable way in her monthly travel column, or jump over to her blog.

This Weekender

Globetrotting professional Jaharn, from This Weekender, is a big name in the Australian travel blogging community. Jaharn has documented the different ways travel bloggers can make money, including sponsored trips, blog content, brand collaboration, photography, freelance writing and guest speaking to name a few.

It's A Travel O.D

Andrea from It's A Travel O.D is the perfect example of someone who took a risk to chase a dream. She turned her full-time job into a part time gig so she could dedicate more time to her Vlog to make it successful. She now makes money through sponsored vlog clients and lands jobs in video content creation, social media advising and digital content creation.

Find Us Lost

Selena from Find Us Lost took a different approach after deciding she wanted to travel full-time. She was able to keep her job and travel the world by working remotely to earn a living on the move. She wrote about this in her blog post How I (Didn't) Quit My Job to Travel the World.

Kaptin Kenny

English teacher turned travel blogger Phoebe of Kaptin Kenny took her two passions and made them one great globetrotting lifestyle. Phoebe teaches English around the world and has gained the attention of brands and businesses looking to collaborate with travellers. One of her most common forms of income is travelling to non-English speaking nations and teaching the staff at hotels and resorts how to speak English while also blogging about the hotels and destinations she finds herself in. Phoebe is a great example of how you can have your cake and eat it too!

Making a living off travelling isn't easy, but it is possible and incredibly rewarding. If you're not eager to commit to a life on the move just yet, sit back and enjoy the inspiring content created by these determined travel bloggers.

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