6 Hiking Apps to Try in 2017

With so many outdoor apps available, it can be hard to know where to start. We asked some hikers which apps they prefer to use for their adventures in the wild. Explore, discover and share your hiking experiences with these handy tools.

Gaia GPS

The Gaia GPS app has a massive collection of maps and navigation tools for your hiking adventures. It features worldwide topo road and aerial maps, offline navigation tools and planning features that work across your devices. Plus, you can download maps, share links to tracks and photos via email and social media, record track and take geo-tagged photos. The Gaia GPS app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Avenza Map

Never be without a map. The Avenza Maps Mobile app allows you to download maps to your smartphone and tablet, plot placemarks and add your own notes. Avenza makes it easy for you to search and browse thousands of professionally made maps. This app is available on Android, Apple and Microsoft devices.

Suunto Movescount

Suunto Movescount allows you to track, explore new routes and share your adventures with your community. This app is free and can be used with or without a Suunto watch. Movescount covers a range of activities, from hiking to running, mountain biking, mountaineering and cycling. This app is available on Android and Apple devices.


Strava is known as a social network for Athletes, but also has a whole range of features for walkers and hikers. Strava syncs with most running watches and activity trackers and once you're connected it will allow you to track your progress and share activities with other Strava members. Strava app is available on Android and Apple devices.


Wikiloc gives you access to free offline maps from around the world. This app also allows you to track and record your outdoor activities and navigate along more than 6 million trails worldwide. You can also get real time statistics like speed, distance and elevation profile graphs, as well as recording waypoints and adding photos along the route. Wikiloc maps are built to help you find outdoor elements like peaks, lakes, creeks, water sources or mountain huts. This app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Memory Maps

With online and offline functionality, Memory Maps allows you to navigate using Ordnance Survey Topo maps, marine charts and 4WD maps. You can use this app to navigate, or pre-plan routes on your PC and print them or transfer to your mobile before you go. Memory Maps is available on Android and Apple devices.

Make navigation, discovery and sharing easier with these hiking apps. We recommend trying out a couple to find one that works best for your type and level of adventure. Discovery starts with exploration.

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