Clothing Crafted From Recycled Oyster Shells

The world is full of opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment. We chase these opportunities and don't look back because the planet is precious and it's crucial we protect it for future generations. Our recycled oyster shell range introduces a new standard of sustainable, high quality clothing.

What's all the Fuss About?

The beautifully crafted Seawool is made from recycled oyster shells blended with other fibres for maximum performance and comfort. The main benefits of this innovative fabric are:

  1. Seawool is soft to touch and provides natural insulation to help keep the body warm in cold temperatures.
  2. Seawool naturally stops odour causing bacteria from growing on the fabric, which keeps the fabric and garment smelling fresher for long, even if you wear it for multiple days in a row. This is great because it stops excess and unnecessary washing, improves the lifespan of the garment and its wearability and it means you can make your pack lighter and get dressed easier every day.
  3. Seawool is quick drying

How is Seawool made?

Oyster shells are sourced from the food industry, ground into powder and mixed with plastic pellets made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The recycled bottles create a polyester fibre which is quick drying and anti-static resulting in a comfortable fit that doesn't cling awkwardly in the colder months. This blend is also wrinkle-resistant – a plus for those who hate ironing or are travelling.

Seawool fabric provides you with an eco-conscious alternative that is soft, comfortable, easy to care for and quick drying. You can help protect the planet you love with high quality clothing that has a sustainable story.

Seawool Clothing:

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