Corespun Merino: All The Technical Benefits of Merino but 40% Stronger

When tackling the outdoors, you need clothing that can handle it. Corespun Merino holds onto all the softness and technical benefits of Merino wool but is stronger and more durable. Want to know the secret behind this innovative thread? Here's everything you need to know.

Sourced and spun in Australia, Corespun Merino is constructed by wrapping Merino fibres around a durable nylon core. This gives you the comfort and performance of Merino wool on the outside with improved strength from the inside. In fact, the nylon core makes it 40% stronger than 100% Merino of the same weight. Corespun Merino is able to keep its original shape better than pure Merino wool by allowing for more stretch and better recovery after use.

As well as being strong and durable, Corespun is packed with the natural benefits of Merino. This natural wonder allows your skin to breathe, wicking sweat away from your body and allowing it to evaporate quickly. Merino fibres also naturally prevent odour causing bacteria from growing, keeping you feeling and smelling fresher for longer.

Combining comfort, performance and durability, Corespun Merino clothing is a great choice for multi-day hiking, climbing, travelling and everyday outdoor activities.

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