Top 50 Adventure Movies

Top 50 Adventure Movies

If you're looking for a movie to watch but don't know where to start, we've done the hard work for you. This mammoth movie list brings together some of the most moving, chilling, inspiring and exciting adventure stories from around the world. Grab the popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy.

  1. The Long Start to the Journey (2015)
    This gripping documentary captures filmmaker Chris Gallaway's thru-hike along the Appalachian Trail. The film reveals the real challenges of the hike and the personal struggles faced by those who complete it. The Long Start to the Journey offers an accurate historical account of the local culture's origins while capturing the beauty of the region.

  2. Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story (2016)
    This documentary tells the mostly unknown story of the role that the UK played in developing the sport of mountain biking. Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story was made by international and Bafta winning filmmakers, who beautifully tell the stories of different riders.

  3. Life Cycles (2010)
    Life Cycles is a tribute to the bicycle. The cinematography is amazing, supported by a soundtrack that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. This artistic story features both breathtaking stunts and thought-provoking moments. For cyclists and mountain bikers, Life Cycles is a must see.

  4. That's It, That's All (2008)
    This film is not your typical snowboarding documentary - it captures nature in all its beauty and pays homage to the art and science of snowboarding. Travis Rice leads his friends to some of the world's most picturesque places to do what they love most.

  5. Touching the Void (2003)
    Touching The Void retells the true story of climbers Simon Yates and Joe Simpson and their journey up the west face of the Siula Grande in the Andes. Both men narrate the story, including a horrific accident during the descent and how they lived to tell the tale. This film is truly engrossing and exposes the psyche of an adventurer who is battling nature's cruelty and his mortality.

  6. Into the Wild (2007)
    Into the Wild is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless. It tells the tale of a young college graduate who goes against what society expects of him in search of more meaning in his life. Rejecting the normal post graduate 'get-a-job' mentality, Christopher goes into the wild in search for adventure and takes risks that some of us wouldn't dream of.

  7. The Art of Flight (2011)
    Shot in some of the most extreme locations around the world, The Art of Flight follows Travis Rice and his friends taking snowboarding to unimaginable levels. While the scenery is breathtaking, the tricks featured in this film are truly spectacular and will have you questioning how they make it look so easy. The Art of Flight is a high octane film, as these highly skilled snowboarders push themselves to the limits.

  8. Strength in Numbers (2012)
    Strength in Numbers pays homage to mountain biking at all levels across the globe. The film features outstanding talent and near-impossible manoeuvres shot in incredible locations around the world.

  9. Being There (2011)
    This high-energy film captures extreme free skiing in all its glory. From the most spectacular peaks around the world, this beautifully produced film follows some of the industry's best free skiers as they negotiate difficult and daunting terrain. Being There offers some good insight into how productions like this are created and what is involved in capturing the perfect moment.

  10. Mirror Wall (2016)
    Put simply, Mirror Wall is a must-watch film. The documentary captures Leo Houlding, a world-renowned climber, and his devoted team as they tackle one of their greatest challenges - the Mirror Wall. Buried deep in Greenland's polar mountains, this 1200m vertical facade makes for extreme climbing and breathtaking cinematography.

  11. A Map for Saturday (2007)
    A Map for Saturday explores the idea that "on a trip around the world, every day feels like Saturday." This award-winning documentary is filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga's captivating attempt to backpack his way around the world and share the hidden gems he found along the way. The cast of the film are his fellow trekkers and people he meets along his way.

  12. Jeremy Jones' Deeper (2010)
    Deeper is the first instalment of the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy and follows snowboarder Jeremy Jones and his mates as they tackle one of the planet's most remote snowboarding locations. With some peaks only accessible by helicopter drop, Jones and his crew will have you on the edge of your seat as they challenge extreme conditions, in extreme locations for their passion.

  13. Jeremy Jones' Further (2012)
    The second instalment in the Deeper, Further, Higher series has, as the title suggests, Jeremy Jones travelling further into remote locations, chasing breathtaking snowboarding experiences. Camping deep in untouched terrain in extreme weather conditions, Jones stops at nothing to bring his fans the ultimate snowboarding moment. Further does not disappoint.

  14. Jeremy Jones' Higher (2014)
    The final film in the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy features Jeremy Jones tackling some of the world's highest peaks in the pursuit of the most extreme snowboarding run. Higher showcases Jones' prodigious talent as he takes his local playground at Lake Tahoe and conquers the peaks of Nepal's Himalayas and Alaska's Eastern Range.

  15. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
    The Motorcycle Diaries is based on the memoirs of Che Guevara, leader of the Cuban Revolution, and his four-month long motorcycle trip through South America with one of his friends, Alberto Granado. This movie collected nominations and awards across the world. The Motorcycle Diaries is more than just a road movie, it is informative, confronting and beautifully made.

  16. King Lines (2008)
    King Lines follows climber Chris Sharma on his quest to conquer the world's greatest climbs. Whether it's the South American Fantasy boulders or the ascent of the Es Pontas, high above the Mediterranean Sea, Chris tackles seemingly impossible feats. Awarded Best Film at the Danish Adventure Film Festival, King Lines is one not to miss.

  17. All.I.Can (2011)
    All.I.Can features some of the world's best big mountain skiers, across six continents, doing what they do best. This award-winning movie not only showcases some of the greatest aerial and skiing performances, it is also thought-provoking and enchanting. Nature's beauty in Chile, Morroco and Greenland (to name a few) is a phenomenal backdrop to the astonishing talent of the featured skiers.

  18. Skiing Everest (2009)
    Filmed by Mike Marolt over the space of ten years, Skiing Everest tells the story of a group of friends who become some of the most renowned high-altitude skiers. Not only do they climb one of the globe's most challenging mountains, they then clip on their skis and negotiate their way straight back down.

  19. Crossing the Ice (2012)
    Australian adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones feature in this gripping documentary as they trek their way across the South Pole on skis. Crossing The Ice captures their 1140km unassisted trek in one of the planet's most unforgiving places. James and Justin struggle with hypothermia, frostbite and hunger as they navigate the treacherous landscape.

  20. The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young (2014)
    This aptly named documentary tells the story of the annual Barkley Marathon - a gruelling 160km run through the Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee, USA. The film explores the historical significance of the event (originating from a brazen prison escape) and the extraordinary toll the race has on its competitors.

  21. Encounters at the End of the World (2007)
    Encounters At The End Of The World sees renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog take his crew to Antarctica to capture the interesting people who live there. Based mainly in McMurdo Station this documentary is both captivating and informative as the volcanologists, biologists, researchers, teachers and underwater divers walk Herzog through their lives.

  22. The Endless Summer (1966)
    From the waters of Australia, West Africa and Tahiti, The Endless Summer is a must-see surfing movie. The film follows a group of surfers chasing the ultimate wave and, despite its age, it remains ahead of its time with the cinematography and enthralling big wave moments.

  23. Sherpa (2015)
    Sherpa is an Australian-made documentary about a historic incident on Mount Everest where climbers and Sherpas famously clashed following one climber's disrespectful comment. This engrossing film tributes the role Sherpas play, risking their own lives, to make a climbing experience possible for others.

  24. 180 Degrees South (2010)
    180 Degrees South is a film that follows adventurer Jeff Johnson through the heart of Patagonia. In this movie, Jeff attempts to retrace the steps of his idols Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins. You're met with the challenges he faces along the way, along with a meaningful message about how we treat our precious planet.

  25. Where the Trail Ends (2013)
    Where the Trail Ends features some of the world's best mountain bikers as they go in search of uncharted trails in treacherous and remote locations. While the cinematography is spectacular and a credit to director Jeremy Grant, the sheer death-defying acts of these extreme athletes will have you captivated from start to finish.

  26. Solo (2008)
    Solo is a documentary that tells the story of Australian Andrew McCauley, who attempted to kayak solo across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand. This incredible film delves into the psyche of a man who wanted to achieve his goal at any cost.

  27. 127 Hours (2010)
    This Hollywood blockbuster, starring James Franco, captures the true story of Aron Ralston's distressing experience while canyoning solo near Moab, Utah. When a boulder falls on Aron's arm, he becomes helplessly trapped in a place where no one can hear him scream. The dramatic film explores the extraordinary psychological and physical journey he undertakes to survive.

  28. The Beckoning Silence (2007)
    Following his near-death experience on a decent from Siula Grande (as told in Touching The Void), Joe Simpson reflects on the risks associated with mountaineering and extreme climbing. This documentary tells an extraordinary tale and is well worth a watch.

  29. The Pinnacle (2010)
    The true story of adventurers Dave MacLeod and Andy Turner unfold as they pay tribute to legends Jimmy Marshall and Robin Smith. In 1960, Jimmy and Robin completed six major climbs on six consecutive days. 50 years later, Dave and Andy set out to complete the same mission. The Pinnacle is as thrilling as it is inspiring.

  30. Few Words (2012)
    Few Words documents the career of Candide Thovex who is recognised as one of the greatest freestyle skiers in the world. With stunning cinematography and a moving soundtrack, this film captures the spirit of a man who was always destined for greatness.

  31. To the Limit (Am Limit)
    This German documentary is a superb account of how hard speed climbers push themselves to achieve their best. To the Limit showcases the death defying moments and the extreme risks these athletes conquer in their quest. Truly riveting viewing!

  32. Steep (2007)
    Steep documents the evolution of extreme skiing from its early beginnings to the high-octane stunts of the modern era. The cinematography throughout is amazing and the film is both informative and engaging.

  33. Unreal (2015)
    This movie follows the journey of people breaking out of the ordinary and pursuing mountain biking. Unreal is about freedom, chasing what you want and refusing to be part of the mundane. Unreal is a film for dreamers and will leave you wanting to start your own adventure.

  34. First Ascent (2006)
    Filmed in some of the most spectacular locations in the world, this movie will take your breath away. First Ascent shows the prodigious skills of one of the world's best climbers, Didier Berthod, and explores the psyche of a man who is prepared to take the ultimate risk to achieve the ultimate climb.

  35. Mile... Mile and a Half (2013)
    This feature-length documentary tells the story of five friends who attempt to hike from Yosemite to Mount Whitney along the famous John Muir Trail in California, USA. Mile... Mile and A Half captures the hiker's extraordinary 25-day journey and all the trials and tribulations they encounter along the way.

  36. North Face (2008)
    This film is based on a true story about a competition to climb the North Face of the Swiss Alps. Set in 1936, it follows two reluctant German climbers as they attempt the dangerous and unclimbed route.

  37. Cold (2011)
    Cold tells the story of Cory Richards and his fellow climbers, Simone Moro and Dennis Urubko, who were the first to successfully climb one of Pakistan's most treacherous 8000m peaks during winter. Cold includes raw footage taken by Richards himself and highlights how close they came to not surviving the journey.

  38. The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975)
    This incredible film is based on the diary kept by Yuichiro Miura, a Japanese climber and skier, during his ascent and ski down one of the world's most recognised mountains. It's not one of the typical high energy ski films -it's a thought provoking story, beautifully filmed and perfectly told.

  39. Tracks (2013)
    Tracks is an Australian movie about Robyn Davidson and her journey from Alice Springs to the west coast of Australia with her dog and four camels. The movie explores the emotional toll of Davidson's journey, along with a poignant message about the treatment of Aboriginal Australians. This is a story of self-discovery and determination.

  40. Wild (2014)
    Reece Witherspoon and Laura Dern both received Academy Award nominations for their roles in Wild, which tells the story of one woman's thousand-mile trek on the famous Pacific Crest Trail. Following a personal tragedy, Cheryl Strayed (Witherspoon), embarks on a physical and psychological journey of self-renewal.

  41. Everest (2015)
    This popular, critically acclaimed film retells the dramatic events of 1996 when a Mount Everest climbing expedition was affected by a severe snowstorm. The cinematography and storyline of makes for a gripping watch.

  42. Into the Mind (2013)
    This stunning movie delves into the minds of the athletes who ski down the world's most spectacular peaks. This movie is certainly thought provoking and shines light on the personalities and psyches within the sport of free skiing.

  43. The Summit (2012)
    The Summit is a documentary film about a disaster on K2 where 11 climbers died during one of the worst tragedies in climbing history. This movie combines real documentary footage with re-creations of the actual events that unfolded on the way to and from the summit of K2.

  44. The Search for Freedom (2015)
    The Search for Freedom is a documentary about our cultural and human desire to live in the moment and to seize the day. The documentary explores a new world with infinite possibilities through the eyes of champions in snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking and surfing (to name a few).

  45. Wildlike (2014)
    Wildlike is an American feature film which tells the heart-breaking tale of Mackenzie, a troubled teenage girl who is sent to live with her uncle in Alaska. Life does not go according to plan for Mackenzie and she eventually runs away in search for her home in Seattle.

  46. Defy (2011)
    Defy stars world wakeboarding champion Danny Harf and his crew. Filmed over a period of three years, this award-winning film will inspire and surprise you as the incredibly talented wakeboarders travel the world pulling off jaw-dropping stunts.

  47. Masters of Stone Series (from 1991)
    Masters of Stone is a cutting-edge film series that shows some of the world's most challenging climbing routes. It is filled with hard rock climbing action, legendary climbers and impressive locations.

  48. Congo: The Grand Inga Project (2013)
    Congo: The Grand Inga Project chronicles the journey of Steve Fisher and his team as they kayak a dangerous stretch of the river in the middle of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  49. Chasing Ice (2012)
    This documentary film follows James Balog, a National Geographic photographer, as he creates a revolutionary time-lapse of the world's changing glaciers. Shot over multiple years in the Arctic, James captures mountainous glaciers as they disappear at a shocking rate.

  50. Vertical Limit (2000)
    Vertical Limit is a fictional survival thriller about a rescue from K2, one of the world's highest mountains. A team of climbers become trapped in a crevasse after a storm causes an avalanche. What follows, is a gripping series of escape and rescue attempts.

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