Out in the Sierra

Kalen Thorien, a professional skier and adventurer, left civilisation behind to trek a 270 mile, 18-day, solo high traverse in the Sierra Nevada. Out in the Sierra follows the highs and the lows of Kalen's journey, as she navigates the rough, unrelenting terrain of the Western United States.

What made Kalen embark on this physically and mentally challenging adventure? "We spend a lot of time seeking answers, hoping for outside forces to propel us into an elevated realm of thinking, the simplicity of a walk in the woods can provide the impermanence that we so often overlook. Out there it is uncluttered and simplified," she explains.

Kalen's Sierra trek is the longest she's ever been alone. At times, the struggle is written across her face, but it quickly fades to make way for her contagious smile and positive attitude. As she overcomes each hurdle, she lets out a euphoric, and at times exhausted, scream. Kalen embraces the wild within, tuning into the environment around her and embracing the adventure.

"With this hike, I wanted to feel wild and free. I think a lot of us do. I think we've just lost our wild woman. I'm here to find her," she says.

To see Kalen's adventure and lessons learned in the wild, watch the full episode above.

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