Mountain Designs GeoQuest 2017

Mountain Designs GeoQuest is back for 2017 and it's going to be rough, tough and dirty. On June 9, competitors will test their physical and mental limits, covering more than 200km in 48 hours. This year's GeoQuest will start in Sawtell, New South Wales and includes kayaking, hiking, trail running, mountain biking and navigation.

Each year, teams push through the gruelling 48-hour race on little or no sleep. With their sights set on the finish line, competitors summon all their strength, endurance and determination to keep going. Despite the intensity and struggle, GeoQuest attracts first-timers and returning competitors every year without fail.

Why do people put themselves through it? Some do it for personal growth, while other's love the team work…but for many, it's the challenge and adventure that gets their heart racing and keeps them coming back for more.

GeoQuest has been enticing adventurous spirits since it began in 2002. Our founder, Rick White, resonated with the race and as a result Mountain Designs has been proudly sponsoring the event from the beginning. We're thrilled to continue to support GeoQuest this year, for the 16th year running.

One of the great things about this adventure race is that everyone can be involved – whether you're in the race or at home. GeoQuest puts trackers on each team which updates their position every 90 seconds on Track Me Live. The Track Me Live page for GeoQuest 2017 will launch shortly before the race, so keep an eye out for it.

We're looking forward to seeing what competitors bring to the race this year! If you're interested in competing in the 2017 Mountain Designs GeoQuest Adventure Race, you can download an information pack from the official website. Good luck adventurers!

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