Kilian Jornet: A Force to be Reckoned With

From the very beginning, mountains and nature have been a huge part of Kilian Jornet's life. Growing up in a mountain refuge (Cap de Rec in Cerdanya), Kilian developed a deep passion for the outdoors and sport from an early age. Since then, he has continuously astonished the world with his achievements in trail running and mountaineering.

Perhaps his most impressive feat so far, Kilian summited Everest twice in a week without supplemental oxygen. His first climb took 26 hours, and just five days later he summited again in 17 hours. No fixed ropes were used by the 29-year-old Catalonian mountaineer. After completing the climbs, he said "I think summiting Everest twice in one week without oxygen opens up a new realm of possibilities in alpinism and I'm really happy to have done it."

Kilian is no stranger to breaking records. Some of his Fastest Known Time records include ascending Aconcagua in 12 hours and 49 minutes, Denali in 11 hours and 48 minutes, Matterhorn in two hours and 52 minutes, Kilimanjaro in five hours and 22 minutes, and completing the Tahoe Rim Trail in 38 hours and 32 minutes. That's just to name a few.

Most recently, Kilian won the Hardrock 100, a hundred-mile endurance race, after dislocating his shoulder. Following a nasty fall on a steep patch of snow, he pushed his shoulder back in and completed the remaining 87 miles to win the race for the fourth consecutive time. Medics wrapped his arm in a sling at mile 42 to help the pain, before Kilian then faced a hail storm that slowed down his run. Despite being injured, battered by the weather and worn down, an exhausted Kilian managed a smile as he crossed the finish line.

In previous years, Kilian has also won a range of trail running, ski mountaineering and extreme skiing races, world cups and championships. Despite his continual success, it's not all about victory for the extraordinary athlete.

"I like versatility and so I enjoy participating in all types of races whether short or long, skiing or trail running. Doing this type of activities has made it possible for me to meet extraordinary people, to discover and enjoy stunning scenery and to experience moments of great emotion, helping to make me the athlete and the person I am today," he says.

"But, above all, I conceive sport as a way to discover landscapes both inside and outside you. I love silence and solitude, but communication, listening, reading, writing and travelling also appeal to me… My life is spent pursuing and fighting for my dreams."

To see more of Kilian's history making achievements, you can watch his Summits of My Life series. Since 2012, Kilian has been setting ascent and descent records for the most important mountains on the planet, including his recent Everest achievement.

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