Inspiring Photographers to Follow in 2017

Capturing the beauty of the outdoors takes practice and a good eye. If you love the wild as much as we do, immerse yourself in the world of some of our favourite outdoor photographers.

Image credit: Daniel Tran

Hike and Seek

Dan, from Hike and Seek, has dedicated his time to exploring Australia and documenting his adventures along the way. His images capture the best parts of the places he visits, and each one has directions on how you can get to them too. You can follow his adventures and find inspiration for your next trip on the Hike and Seek Instagram page.

Henry Brydon

Sydney based photographer Henry Brydon is founder and chief explorer of the community hub We Are Explorers. Henry lives and breathes adventure, sharing his love and passion for the outdoors on his own social media channels as well as the We Are Explorers platforms. As well as posting inspiring imagery, he shares great hiking and camping tips, as well as micro-adventure guides.

Mark Clinton

Snow-capped mountains, alpine landscapes, pristine coastlines and birds-eye views populate Mark Clinton's Instagram page. With 136,000 followers and growing, Mark is climbing steadily to the top. Check out his Instagram or read more about the Sydney based photographer on his website.


Take one look at David's Instagram and you'll crave adventure. The Mount Maunganui based photographer takes you to spectacular destinations as he explores the far reaches of New Zealand. Follow Dave's story as he explores snow-capped mountains, volcanic landscapes and flourishing green valleys.

Connor Vaughan

Melbourne based outdoor photographer Connor Vaughan is one to watch in 2017. With an eye for detail, creativity and composition, Connor creates distinct and captivating photographs. See the world from his perspective on the Connor Vaughan Instagram page.

Levi Caleb Allan

There's something profoundly humbling about the photography of Brisbane-based photographer Levi Caleb Allan. Capturing the sheer beauty and power of the outdoors, Levi's imagery draws you into his world of travel and adventure. You can read more about where Levi's interest in photography began in our recent Q&A with him.

Jack Brookes

Jack Brookes is an Adelaide based photographer who is in love with the outdoors and travel. His Instagram features adventures in the wild and through towns across the globe. Jack's addictive photography will leave you with a serious case of the travel bug.

Liam Costar

With a heart for adventure and a knack for photography, Liam Costar is one to keep an eye on. His latest adventures have taken him around Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The 19 year old adventurer is particularly drawn to the natural beauty of each destination, documenting the best bits on his Instagram page.

Samuel Clout

Exploration is a necessity for Gold Coast outdoor photographer Samuel Clout. From weddings and intimate personal shoots to travel and landscape photography, Samuel tells stories of beauty, passion and adventure. Follow his Instagram to get a taste.

Daniel Tran

Vibrant colours and awe-inspiring imagery fill Daniel Tran's Instagram page. His pursuit of beauty and discovery is relentless as he travels the world, sharing his adventures with an eager audience.

Scott Pass

Adventure traveller, Scott Pass, takes you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. From waterfalls, to shipwrecks, islands and rainforests, Scott's Instagram will make you stop and appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

William Patino

As he puts it on his website, William Patino is pursuing the sublime. His photographs are all at once real and unbelievable, giving them a mysterious, dreamlike quality. Check out his Instagram to see what we mean.

For a daily dose of inspiration, keep an eye on these up and coming photographers. They may make you restless and eager for adventure, but that's a good thing from our perspective.

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