20 Photographs Capturing the Joys of Van Life

Life on the road has been captivating human beings for generations. From the early 20th century, to the musings of Jack Kerouac in the '50s and the eager travellers of today — there's something about it that keeps drawing us in. For the 20 'van-goers' below, home is wherever the road takes them.

Johnny and Jess

For van life in its fullest and greatest form, you can't go past the inspiring stories of Johnny and Jess from Vanlife. Their love of exploration has resulted in a life spent travelling around Australia and the world in their van 'Rainbow'. The best part is, they document their travels and share incredible imagery for everyone to see.

You can learn more about Johnny and Jess by visiting the Vanlife website and following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ben and Marianne

Ben and Marianne, the minds behind The Creative Escape, have ditched life's finer things and devoted their souls to Australia's endless open road. Their snaps and amazing tales have us itching to dive straight into an exciting new adventure of our own.

You can lose yourself in all their wander-lusting goodness by checking out the Creative Escape blog and following them every step of the way on The Creative Escape Instagram. Ben and Marianne also run neat solo Instagram accounts: have a gander at @mroussety and @benjermainrayner.

Emma and Ant

Leaving the hustle and bustle of London behind last year, Emma and Ant now find themselves cruising through Australia. Van life for them meant having the chance to see more of the world in a unique, mostly unseen light.

Lucky for us they've filmed their travels along the way. You can watch the 'Million Miles From Home' videos on their website and follow them on Instagram.

Ele and Sam

Hailing from the UK, Ele and Sam's adventurous souls led to them spinning the globe and heading to wherever their finger landed. Australia was the lucky winner. Starting from Melbourne, the pair began their drive up the east coast and haven't looked back since.

You can read all about the adventure on Vanlife Diaries and follow their Instagram accounts: @eleotti and @barchman.


While Australia's East Coast is highly sought after by adventure seekers, Texas State University graduate, Devin, left America with his eyes set on the Western coastline.

Having been to so many breathtaking places, Devin has of course gathered an impressive collection of beautiful images. You can purchase any of his prints on his Esty store and follow his Instagram to see and read about the complete ins and outs of his journey.


Sometimes van life isn't about uprooting everything and calling the road home. Making it a 'weekend escape' can be just as rewarding.

Gordy from Western Australia likes to wave goodbye to his busy work life any chance he gets to capture the beauty of being on the road with your dog as your only companion. You can follow all of Gordy's quick getaways on his Instagram and lose yourself in the wonders of his imagery.


Alexandra is an adventurer on a mission. Having converted an old-school bus into a travelling home, she's headed across America to visit schools that lack the funds for an art program. She hopes to raise money along the way to provide them with the supplies they need.

You can follow her amazing journey on Instagram @alexoetzell and read all about the project on her website.

Alyssa and Brian

This is a true tale of leaving it all behind. Alyssa and Brian left their jobs, belongings and apartment to take to their truck camper and hit the road. Weaving around and exploring the ins and outs of America, the pair are in no rush to return to the life that was before van life.

You can follow their all-American dream on the North Bound and Down Instagram and read all about it on their blog.

Jace and Giddi

Sometimes van life is all about knowing you're with everything you could possibly need. Jace and Giddi are living in a four-wheel home while each running their own small businesses! There's something special about being a successful entrepreneur but living in a humble abode that carries you across America.

Read all about their busy life of movement on Our Home on Wheels and follow their Instagram for visual updates on their exciting lives.

Alison and Max

When you find yourself in a career you are unhappy with, it can be hard to find the inspiration to search for something better. Alison was working in an unfulfilling advertising sales position and decided to hit the road. She now finds herself living in her van for most of the year, exploring America with her rescue pup Max.

Van life can open doors that lead to adventures we never knew we needed to go on. To see Alison's tale, follow her Instagram @alisontravels and visit her website.

Tripp Fay

The greatest journeys are sometimes the fleeting ones. Tripp Fay found himself van-setting across America with his '84 VW Wagon called Gus and girlfriend Gina for a month. While some may say that's not a whole lot of time to see or experience much, Tripp's story tells of a different tale.

A month and 6,000 miles covered, Tripp captured beautiful imagery and tales to last him a lifetime. Check out his travel photography on Instagram, Facebook or his website.

Danielle and Mat

Embracing life in all of its unknown glory is truly an adventurous way to live. Danielle and Mat are doing just that while making their way around Canada. Lucky for us they are providing major inspiration by curating blog posts and capturing photos every step of the way.

To follow their creative life, visit the Exploring Alternatives Instagram, Facebook and website.

Jessica, Rob and Henley

When people think about travelling through Europe, backpacking is something that often comes to mind first. Backpacking is a fantastic way to experience any country, but so is doing it by van. That's exactly what Jessica and Rob are doing with their daughter, Henley. Their beautifully captured journey is enough to give you a serious case of wanderlust.

Get a dose of inspiration on the Here Today Vanagon Tomorrow Instagram and website.

Tommy and Sara

Tommy and Sara are a pair of travelling gurus looking for nothing but trails to hike, waves to swim in and sun to soak in. They are currently travelling through Europe, respecting nature and leaving nothing behind but their tire marks.

Check out their journey on Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook.

Sofia and Jacob

Sometimes all you want is to go out and explore for the sake of exploring. Sofia and Jacob are a Swedish couple doing just that. Making their way through Europe and Scandinavia, they're capturing images that show how breathtaking life in a humble van can be.

You can follow them on Instagram @sofiasjoeberg and @jacobwester.

Eva and Victor

People make the change to van life for different reasons. Eva and Victor did it because they wanted to live a life where they don't always know what's around the next bend. The images they've captured during their journey across Europe are raw and incredible, showing van life in all its glory.

Eva and Victor's passion doesn't lie in travel alone, they've also brought their crafts along for the ride. You can check out their creations on Kickstarter and see their photos on Instagram@foreign__natives. To read deeper into their van life visit the Foreign Natives website.

Hideo Miyan

Japan is one of the world's most buzzing cities. While thousands flock to the major cities each year, Hideo Miyan believes the best of the country is in the countryside and best explored by van. He believes so deeply in this that he curated a 'vamping' (a van life gathering) in Aoshima, Miyazaki and shows just how remarkable something like van life can be.

You can see more images on his Instagram @hidemiyan.


Having been graced with seeing the majority of the world by the age of 11, Amanda developed a wanderlust early in life. It's no wonder she's hit the road solo in America with her '97 Toyota van. Not only is Amanda an avid traveller but she's a keen illustrator too, using this creative outlet to document how she feels along her journey.

Delve into Amanda's world on her website and get an insight into her world on her Instagram.

Robert and Samantha

If you're looking to hit the road but feel you can't quite ditch everything, maybe Robert and Samantha's style is more down your alley. They wanted to live a life of movement, so they created a road trip lifestyle that suited them. These clever travellers designed and constructed a 204 square-foot modern tiny house on wheels and squeezed in every piece of outdoor equipment they could possibly need to explore the Pacific Northwest. They can settle for a bit or take off at a moment's notice without the hustle and bustle of trying to bring it all together.

Feast your eyes on their building photos and follow their journey on the Shedsistance website. They also have a neat Instagram that is worth checking out @shed_tinyhouse.

Madison and Cees

Getting engaged in a national park really set the tone for the adventures Madison and Cees would embark on in the future. With their 1989 Toyota motorhome, Vie, and their trusty companion Vladimir Kitten, these two have been chasing their dreams through every single national park in America (that's 59 parks in total).

The pair have mapped out all the parks in America, marking the ones they've been to and ones they are yet to see. Pop along to the Our Vie website to see the map and their videos. You can also follow Our Vie on Instagram @ourvieadventures.

Life on the road can be tough, but these adventurers wouldn't have it any other way. Next time you're on a road trip keep your eyes peeled — chances are you'll see a 'van-goer' in action.

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