15 Camping Hacks

Nights spent by the campfire and days immersed in nature is an incredible way to take some time out. It's even better when you have a few tricks up your sleeve to make your camping trip easier. We've compiled 15 of our favourite camping hacks to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.


Hands Free Light

Keep your hands free while you are out camping with a headlamp instead of a regular torch. Headlamps are super handy when you are walking around your campsite or even doing chores that require both of your hands, such as washing up or collecting wood for the campfire.

Maximise Your Lighting

For a quick, portable light that illuminates the whole campsite, grab a head lamp, small lantern or torch and attach it to a large bottle of water to create hands-free ambient light.


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Block out Snoring and Insects with Ear Plugs

A simple, but effective camping hack is taking a pair of ear plugs on your trip. They can turn a loud night of bugs and crickets into a silent lull to put you to sleep. They are especially useful if you are sleeping under the stars, or if your camping companion snores in their sleep (those who have experienced this will understand the pain).

Don't Forget to Take a Sleeping Mat

If you are planning on camping in the colder months, make sure you pack a sleeping mat in your camping gear. Having a sleeping mat will keep you warm and also give you extra padding for a more comfortable sleep.

Check Your Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

Choose the right sleeping bag for your adventure. Sleeping bags have a temperature rating that will help keep you warm and comfortable in different conditions. Do your research to find the right sleeping bag for your adventure.


Spice Things Up

Just because you are out in nature doesn't mean you can't bring a variety of spices and herbs for your meals. Consider packing your salt, pepper and other spices like paprika and garlic in small Tic-Tac boxes or a recycled airtight container for easy and light storage that keeps your herbs and spices fresh and accessible when you need them. Who said you can't be a MasterChef in an outdoor kitchen!

Easy to Pack Meals

A simple way to eat a nourishing dinner or lunch in nature is to pack some lightweight dehydrated meals by Back Country. They are great choice because they are easy to pack, light to carry and quick to make. All you have to do is mix them with boiling water and they are ready to eat.

Tupperware is Your Friend

Prepare your food supplies and portions before you depart to make cooking easier during your camping trip. Think of things like premade pancake batter that can be placed into a container so it is ready to be combined with water for cooking.


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Keep the Pests Away

Keep the mosquitos at bay with a handy mosquito net. A mosquito net is perfect for when you are sleeping under the stars or when you are relaxing around the campsite and don't want to be bitten. It also doubles as a great food cover.


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Odour Repellent Clothing

Pack clothing for your camping trip that has been specifically designed to keep you smelling fresher for longer by drawing sweat and moisture away from the body. You won't need to pack as much if your clothing stays fresh and clean, and you'll have more time to enjoy the outdoors if you don't have to bother washing. We have a range of odour control clothing available.

Layer Up

Employ the "layer technique" with your clothing during your stay so that you are ready for whatever temperatures and weather comes your way. Pack layers that can be worn separately or layered together to keep you warm in low temperatures.


Solar Power Works Wonders

If you are one to carry gadgets with you when you camp, pack a solar powered charging station to quickly power your devices. This is great if you need a phone for emergency situations, music or a camera to capture your adventure.


Showering Tricks

To avoid packing all of your toiletries, use a vegetable peeler to create single-use soap leaves and store them in a zip lock bag. You can also tip your regular shampoo, conditioner and skincare products into small travel containers or bottles so you have enough for your camping trip.

Ice Packs You Can Drink

Freeze your bottles of water and use them as ice packs in your cooler until they melt and you are ready to drink them. This will create more space in your cooler (no ice or ice bricks required), provide drinking water, keep perishable goods (cheese, meat, milk) cold and ensure your gear is lightweight for the journey home.

Don't Underestimate Tubs

A large container, bucket or tub is an invaluable and versatile item for your camping trip. It can be used to wash dishes, clothes and feet, store non-perishable foods and equipment, keep clothes clean and off the ground. It also comes in handy for moving and storing your supplies in the car and around your campsite.

Sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference. Make camping easier with these simple hacks! If you have a camping hack of your own, leave a comment below to share with our community of outdoor adventurers and explorers.


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