I'm not sure how to best use my new Mountain Designs gear. Where can I find some information on this?

You can get information on how to best use your gear from our website at How-To Guides or you can contact our Customer Service team who are happy to advise you on product advice.

How do I take care of my new Mountain Designs gear?

All Mountain Designs products (with the exception of bottles and trekking poles) come with care instructions attached to either the product itself or the product's packaging. While products bearing the Mountain Designs label carry a warranty against material and production defaults, we recommend following any care instruction/s provided to ensure you get to enjoy the use of your product for as long as possible. For more information, please visit Product Care Instructions.

My Mountain Designs gear needs to be repaired. What do I do?

We can repair most products, under certain conditions. For more information, please visit Warranties & Repairs.

I'm interested in the quality and functionality of my new Mountain Designs gear, where can I learn more about this?

Our products feature the latest technologies to ensure they meet the demands of your adventures. You can learn more about the product on the product itself, on the product's packaging, or via our website. For more information, please visit Technologies, How-To Guides and Blog.


I have a gift card, how do I use it?

A Mountain Designs gift card is a pre-paid card that can be used for purchases with Mountain Designs. Simply nominate a dollar value to put on the card and pay for it as you would a regular transaction. The gift card will be delivered via email to the recipient within one (1) business day. For more information, please visit Gift Cards page.

Where can I purchase Mountain Designs gear?

For our full range, you can purchase online at our web store at https://www.mountaindesigns.com. Anaconda stores stock a select range of Mountain Designs gear, which can be found at https://www.anacondastores.com.

Are there any physical Mountain Designs stores?

Currently we do not have any physical Mountain Designs stores, however, stay updated through our Alliance Club or website to find out when we are opening new stores.

How do I pay for my Mountain Designs order?

You can pay for your online order with a Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, zipPay, and/or Mountain Designs gift card. For more information, please visit Payment Information.

My purchase didn't fit me properly. Can I exchange my purchase?

Yes, you can exchange your purchase, under certain conditions. For more information, please visit Exchanges & Returns.

I purchased some Mountain Designs gear but now I want to return it. Can I do this?

Yes, you can return your purchase, under certain conditions. For more information, please visit Returns & Exchanges.

How do I redeem a Promo Code?

Promo Codes may be provided to you via mail, email or on advertisements that may be required to activate discounts and/or special offers on our website.

Promo codes are alpha numeric and case sensitive so it must be entered exactly as printed to validate them. A maximum of one promo code may be applied to any order. Promo codes restricted to our Alliance Club members, require you to sign in prior to code redemption. Enter the code in the "Promo Code" box and press REDEEM to activate the discount or offer. If you are experiencing issues redeeming a promo code, please contact us.


What do you do with my personal information?

We take your privacy very seriously and the security of it is very important to us. We store your personal details on our secure database servers and filing systems managed by us in Australia. For more information, please visit Privacy Policy.


What is the Alliance Club? Why should I join?

The Alliance Club is our loyalty club. It is free to join, membership is for life, and you automatically receive a 20% discount off the RRP on all full-priced MD branded products all-year round. There are also many other benefits to enjoy - for more information, please visit Alliance Club.


What is the Blog?

The Blog is our online information journal. In there you will find destination guides from travel experts and other adventurers, tips and how-to guides, gear lists, news, product reviews, technology updates, pretty much anything and everything related to playing in the world's biggest adventure playground - the outdoors. For more information, please visit Blog.


Do you offer corporate rates or discounts for bulk purchases?

We always offer the best possible price for our Alliance Club members, however, if you are purchasing a commercial quantity of an item, please contact us to discuss product availability and pricing.

I travel the world, take awesome photos, post videos and generally do some pretty cool stuff while I'm outdoors. Can I get some gear for my adventures?

Mountain Designs has supported some incredible adventurers and expeditions over many decades. Please contact us to discuss opportunities through our sponsorship program if you think we can help you achieve your extraordinary dream.



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