Kids' Merino Blend Thermals

Base layer comfort for cold-weather adventuring is just as essential to children as it is for adults. Our kids' Merino blend thermals are made from Australian Merino wool and recycled polyester, a unique mix that delivers thermal regulation, durable wear and enhanced drying properties. Take advantage of one of nature's high performance materials with the Mountain Designs range of kids' Merino blend thermals, which comes in a variety of colours and sizes to fit your junior explorer.

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What are the advantages of Merino wool blend kids' thermals?

The Merino wool blend used in our Merino kids' thermals is a high performance mix of Merino wool and recycled polyester. It is faster drying than 100% Merino wool of the same weight, and 45% stronger with enhanced fabric properties such as burst strength, stretch and recovery. So the Merino component delivers thermal regulation and breathability to keep the little ones warm and comfortable during cold-weather activity, while the overall blend makes for exceptionally hard-wearing and quick-drying thermals.

How can you choose the best thermal clothing for your child?

As with adults' thermals, kids' thermals need to provide warmth in cool conditions, wick moisture away from the skin and be quick-drying. They should also be soft-to-the-touch (as they are worn next-to-skin) but be durable enough to last a few seasons of adventuring and washing. Our kids' Merino blend thermals tick all these boxes, providing high quality thermal insulation, enhanced strength properties, a faster drying time and snug comfort so your littlest adventurer is equipped for any cold-weather activity.

Are kids' Merino blend thermals warm?

Merino wool is a natural insulator, with the structure of the wool fibres trapping warm air within. It is also highly breathable. Together, these properties help our kids' Merino blend thermals to regulate core body temperature. They keep the body warm when outside air is cold and allow air to circulate when activity ramps up. For any cold-weather activity, be it camping, hiking or snow sports, Merino blend thermals are a high quality choice for functional, fit-for-purpose wear.

Should Merino blend kids' thermals be worn as a base layer?

Thermals are designed to be worn close to the skin, so they are most effective when worn as the base layer in your layering system. This next-to-skin fit helps the Merino wool blend trap warm air and maintain core body temperature in cool conditions. With your base layer covered, add a mid-layer piece (like a fleece top or down vest) then a hard-shell outer if you need guaranteed weather protection from rain or snow.

Are kids' Merino wool blend thermals breathable and quick-drying?

Merino wool is a highly breathable fabric compared to some of the other textiles used in outdoor gear. It allows the skin to breathe, even while acting as an insulator and maintaining the body's core temperature. Our Merino wool blend performs the same because of the Australian Merino wool content. The blend itself is also exceptionally quick-drying, being faster to dry than 100% Merino wool of the same weight, as well as 45% stronger with enhanced burst strength, stretch and recovery. For high quality, functional and fit-for-purpose base layers, our kids' Merino blend thermals are an excellent investment in comfort and protection.

Should kids' thermals be tight or loose-fitting?

For best results thermals should be worn close to the skin, without being unnecessarily restrictive. This allows the Merino wool to act as an insulator, trapping body heat and in turn maintaining core temperature. This next-to-skin fit means you should wear your thermals as the base layer in your layering system, like thermal underwear.



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