Men's Sandals

Whether relaxing by the campsite, taking a break at the summit of a day hike or heading to the beach, sandals provide a comfortable footwear option for your outdoor adventures. Mountain Designs has a variety of men's sandals to choose from, each style constructed with lightweight materials and functional design components to give you footwear that is fit-for-purpose, but still comfortable and easy to get around in.

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What types of men's sandals are available at Mountain Designs?

Mountain Designs offers a variety of men's sandals and open-toe shoes that are great for light hikes, beach trips and relaxing outdoors, as well as hot conditions where they allow air to circulate around your feet. They are lightweight, comfortable and provide enough support to keep you sturdy on your feet. Look out for the premier range of KEEN men's sandals, which deliver unrivalled high performance as well as comfort and breathability.

How can you choose the right hiking sandals?

If you decide to hike in sandals, there are a number of features you should look for. First off, they should have a tough outsole that provides grip underfoot. Flat sandals for men are not a great option as they won't give you enough traction, so look for multi-directional lug patterns with some depth to bite into the ground. A toe cap will provide some protection from rocks and debris on the trail, and don't forget about comfort - pick a style that fits well so you won't have to deal with slipping or rubbing that may cause blisters. If you are likely to be near water, go for styles that have a waterproof lining or waterproof treatment, and will dry quickly. And an anti-bacterial treatment is also beneficial if you want to keep stinky odours at bay.

Why should you buy sandals for hiking?

Sandals are a lightweight, breathable option for the hiking trails. However, with less coverage than traditional hiking boots or shoes, they do offer less protection so keep that in mind when making your footwear choice should your destination be more challenging or have rugged terrain to deal with. Considering that, men's hiking sandals are best suited to hikes of easy difficulty levels, or where you may come across streams or other light water courses. They are also handy for beach hikes. Otherwise, just throw them in your pack and at the end of the trek, swap them with your boots so you can let your feet breathe.

What size of men's sandals should you choose?

Sandals should fit firmly to avoid slipping or rubbing as this may lead to painful blisters or hotspots. But they shouldn't be too tight or restrictive either. As a general rule, you should start by choosing the same size as your normal shoe size. Then, depending on the style and its lacing or strap system, you may go half a size smaller, especially if you aren't wearing socks with them. The Mountain Designs range of men's sandals comes in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, so whatever your footwear needs, we have you covered.

Are hiking sandals durable?

Mountain Designs stocks premier brands that use durable materials designed to weather the outdoor elements. Our range of men's hiking sandals are no different, with styles that offer lightweight performance but with heavy duty outsoles, waterproof linings and protective toe caps. Men's leather sandals are well known to provide long-lasting wear but synthetic materials can also offer durability. Whichever style you choose, you can expect to get plenty of miles out of your men's hiking sandals.

What outdoor activities can you use hiking sandals for?

Our men's hiking sandals are designed for light hikes and day trips, where you don't need the same levels of support or protection as a rugged, multi-day trek. They are also practical for beach trips, camping adventures or just heading down to the local park, especially in hot conditions, where they allow breathability for your feet.



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