Bring some gourmet dining to the outdoors with the wide range of cooksets at Mountain Designs. Using lightweight yet durable materials and offering simple, compact storage solutions, our cooking and serving equipment makes food preparation and presentation quick and easy. With the right gear from Mountain Designs, you will be cooking up a storm in no time.

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What is a cookset?

A cookset is a basically a collection of pots, pans and lids. Camping cooksets are often designed as an integrated set, so that the individual pieces stack or nest within each other. This helps to minimise packing space. Some of the specific types of pieces within a cookware set may include cooking pots and pans for boiling, sauce pans, frying pans, skillets, kettles, steam pots, woks, sauce pans and Dutch ovens. Mountain Designs stocks a wide range of high quality cooksets from premium brands to help make cooking in the outdoors easier and more enjoyable.

Which cooksets are best for camping and hiking?

Camping cooksets should be durable, easy to pack and functional, so look for multi-sets as they provide more options when it comes to cooking techniques and methods. For the trails, the best hiking cookset or backpacking cookset will also be lightweight and designed with packability in mind. Cooksets that nest are very convenient for these adventures as they minimise packing space. Also consider durability - a lightweight cookset is useless if it isn't hard-wearing and able to last the journey.

Are cooksets lightweight?

As with all outdoor gear, there is no point having an ultralight cookset if it doesn't actually perform its primary function effectively. So first and foremost, make sure the cookware set you choose is going to cook your food the way you want it to. If you have a high quality selection of choices that all suit your needs, then look for a lightweight cookset that will help to minimise the weight you have to carry in your pack. Cooksets constructed from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and food-grade silicone will meet this criterion, as well as offering excellent durability for long-lasting use.

What components do cooksets contain?

Typically, camping cooksets contain pots, pans and lids. This may include the same type in various sizes, or a mix of both. Some cooksets include dinnerware pieces such as cups, mugs or plates that can pack into the pots. While purchasing individual pieces allows you to build your set exactly the way you want to, a cookware set is usually more economical, more compact and more packable.

Are cooksets easily packable?

High quality cookware sets are designed to nest together. Usually the smaller pieces will rest inside the biggest, with a lid that secures them in place. This minimises the packing space the cookset needs inside your bag, making it easier to stow during transport.



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