Kids' Polypro Thermals

When it comes to kids' apparel, Polypro thermal tops and thermal pants are affordable, entry-level offerings that deliver reliable comfort and protection for cold-weather outdoor adventures. Polypropylene provides warmth-without-weight and durable wear, making it a great fabric for the little ones who put their clothing to the test day in, day out.

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What are the benefits of using Polypro kids' thermals?

Polypropylene is a hard-wearing textile with a high strength threshold and resistance to tearing, meaning it will stand up to the rigours of kids' play. It is also exceptionally lightweight, giving it a high warmth-to-weight ratio that ensures the kids stay toasty warm and are able to play freely without being restricted by weight or bulk. With Mountain Designs Polypro kids' thermal wear, you get dependable base layer comfort, all-day warmth and value-for-money.

How is Polypro different from other thermal materials?

Polypropylene has been used in the manufacture of thermals for many years. Compared to other materials used in thermal underwear, it is extremely lightweight with a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It also has excellent resistance to tearing and abrasions, making it well suited to kids' wear, which often needs extra durability in its construction. But like all other thermals, it will help regulate core body temperature, wick moisture from the skin, and dry quickly.

How can you choose the right thermal clothing for your kid?

All of the styles in our Mountain Designs kids' thermal underwear range are designed to provide thermal regulation, as well as moisture-wicking and quick-drying performance. Our Polypro kids' thermals are made from polypropylene, which is a durable, highly lightweight, and cost-effective textile. So if you want reliable, hard-wearing thermals at a competitive price, these are a good choice. Whether you select Polypro thermals or opt for another fabrication, remember that thermal tops and thermal pants deliver best performance with a close fit as they're designed to be worn next-to-skin.

Are kids Polypro thermals good for the snow?

Polypropylene provides reliable thermal regulation through to its low thermal conductivity, which protects from external temperatures and reduces body heat dispersion. Put simply, it makes sure little bodies stay warm when the outside temperature is cold. It also wicks sweat away from the skin, minimising the damp feeling that can be experienced when wearing base layers during activity. With these main properties it makes an ideal base layer material for kids' apparel, and is easily up to the task when you head to the snow for family adventures.

Are kids Polypro thermals quick-drying?

Our Polypro kids' thermals are great for moisture management. The polypropylene draws moisture away from the skin for ease of evaporation, and is quick-drying so the garment won't remain damp during activity. So for any cold-weather activity - from alpine adventures to just everyday wear - the kids will stay dry, warm and comfortable in a pair of Mountain Designs Polypro kids' thermals.



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