Men's Hiking Boots

The best hiking boots provide support across undulating terrain, enhance grip when boulder-hopping up a river bed, and offer comfortable shock absorption down long descents. They should also be durable and deliver long-lasting wear adventure after adventure. We carry a huge range of hiking boots from premier footwear brands such as Merrell, Zamberlan, KEEN and Salomon that combine lightweight performance with weatherproof protection you can trust.

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How do you choose the best hiking boots for men?

The best starting point is a retailer who specialises in men's hiking boots. This way, you will have wide-ranging options for colour, style and materials. From there, the best hiking boots for men feature some or all of the following:

Protection - Hiking boots should keep your feet safe and dry. Look for waterproof upper treatments and linings to keep rain and water on the outside, and toe caps, heel caps and mud guards to deliver protection from rocks, mud and debris.

Grip - The terrain you are hiking on determines the type of grip you need on your hiking boots. Traction is crucial for rocky or muddy paths, so you will need deep, multi-directional lugs for these conditions. On concrete or cleared trails, you require minimal grip so light hiking boots or trail running shoes may be more effective.

Height - Mid or tall cut hiking boots offer a locked-in feel with more ankle protection and support on uneven surfaces. For flat ground, low cut hiking boots or hiking shoes are more responsive.

Weight - Choose the most lightweight hiking boots you can find that still provide the right fit, protection and support. You want to minimise weight on your trek in order to save energy, but not at the expense of support, especially if you have a heavy pack to carry.

Materials - Leather makes for high durability and protection, but synthetic materials are often lighter, more breathable and take less time to break in.

Which hiking boots are the most comfortable?

Hiking boots come in a variety of designs but at the end of the day, quite literally, the most important thing is comfort. First off, the materials play a part and this will often be determined by personal taste - some hikers prefer firm leather over soft and pliable synthetic fabrics, others will opt for the latter. The next consideration will be the boot height. Mid or high cut hiking boots offer a more ‘locked-in' feel that enhances ankle support, while low cut hiking shoes or boots give your ankle and foot more freedom to move within their normal biomechanical range. Finally, look for protective components such as toe caps, heel guards and weatherproofing (waterproof linings, for example) to complete your comfort. Quality hiking boots available at Mountain Designs are from leading international manufacturers, so you know you are getting the best when it comes to protection, design and, of course, comfort.

What size hiking boots should I get?

For hikers, there is nothing more important than properly fitting boots designed for walking and climbing. If you are purchasing a new pair of men's hiking boots, start by choosing the same size as your normal shoe size to ensure a firm fit, which prevents rubbing and slipping that could lead to blisters. Then, depending on the design, lacing or strapping system, and the thickness of the socks you are wearing, you may opt for a half size bigger. Note that if a style has a narrow or broad fit, it should be outlined in the product specifications.

Are men's hiking boots waterproof?

Keeping your feet dry when hiking outdoors is crucial - it prevents rubbing or slipping inside your hiking boots, which may lead to painful blisters, hotspots and other inflammation. It will also help to minimise odours and bacterial build-up, enhancing hygiene and improving the overall lifespan of your footwear. Many high quality hiking boots are constructed with waterproof linings and upper treatments, such as those manufactured by GORE-TEX®, to ensure your footwear is watertight from rain, mud and wet tracks.

What activities are hiking boots great for?

If you are considering hiking, trekking, camping or travelling, and it involves walking for a day or more in outdoor settings or natural environments like the Australian bush, you will need good hiking boots. It's harder than it looks to scale uneven ridges, negotiate slippery rocks or forge new trails through a forest, especially in changing weather conditions and with heavy gear loads. Quality footwear will make a huge difference with purpose-made protection, support and comfort.

Which men's hiking boots are lightweight?

Whether you are planning a day trip to the nearest parkland or an expedition around wild Australia, a quality pair of men's hiking boots should be one of your first considerations because the workload on your legs and feet will be large. This becomes even greater if you're carrying a heavy pack too. However, lightweight hiking boots will be redundant if they don't provide adequate support and protection. We stock styles from premier global brands such as Zamberlan, KEEN, Merrell and Salomon, who understand the importance of this balance and design lightweight hiking boots and hiking shoes that still deliver exceptional comfort and protection.



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