Being an outdoor enthusiast often calls for getting handy. And it’s better to equip yourself with those useful extra bits and pieces, like multi-tools or knives, than Macgyver yourself out of some sort of jam. We carry a wide variety of premier brands to help you survive any outdoor situation. So browse the Mountain Designs range of camping and survivalist tools and turn yourself into an outdoor warrior.

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What are the best tools to take camping?

There will come a time around the camp site when a small problem needs solving, and that's when having a multi-purpose tool on hand will be beneficial. To help you deal with these little snags, you need some key outdoor camping tools in your gear list. The best multi tool you can have, when it comes to versatility, is a multi-function tool like a Leatherman or Victorinox. It provides a variety of uses such as knives and cutters, screw drivers, bottle and can openers, measuring instruments, pliers and hooks, in a single, small and compact device.

A fire striker is another useful piece of camping equipment - you can create a spark for a fire for barbecuing or a camp fire instantly. Other handy camping tools include a tool set, trowel, and carabiners or hooks.

What tools should you take on a hiking trip?

Whether heading off on a simple day hike or setting off on a multi-day trek, it's good sense to carry a multi-function tool on you. It's not practical to haul a big tool set around with you, so taking a multi-function tool means you get most of the same functions, without the extra weight and without taking up much packing space.

If you will be making a camp fire for cooking or barbecuing, a fire striker or firesteel is a good idea, and if you are getting off the beaten track away from park and recreation facilities, a pocket trowel will help with your makeshift 'bathroom needs'.

What is a multi-tool?

A multi tool (also called a multi-function tool, multi-purpose tool or multi tool knife, but not to be confused with a 'power' multi tool) is a device or instrument that offers a variety of usages or functions. These functions may include knives or blades for cutting, screw drivers, pliers, scissors, rulers and other measuring devices, hooks and carabiners, bottle openers, can openers and files. Typically, a multi tool will be made from stainless steel and may come with a leather sheath or case for safe-keeping in storage and transit. Some of the highest quality, more well-known brands are Leatherman, Victorinox and Gerber.

What tools can help you start a fire?

It's a pretty cool skill to be able to make fire with your bare hands, but sometimes Mother Nature doesn't put the necessary resources at your disposal. When you need a little help, having a fire multi tool will make starting a fire much easier. These are often designed with a magnesium fire stick/starter, and a stainless steel rod that you strike it with, creating a spark. They will usually last for 2,000 to 3,000 strikes, and are great for barbecuing or building camp fires. When it comes to outdoor camping tools, a fire striker or fire steel is a must-have.

What are the best tools for amateurs?

If you're new to the outdoors, it's good to have some camping tools and tool accessories that make life a bit easier. At least to start with, while you build up your knowledge and experience, being prepared with a multi-function tool (or a few) is both smart and practical. Some of the best multi tools for novice adventurers include:

Multi Tool/Multi Tool Knife - Having something that you can cut things with is very handy no matter what adventure you're on. These generally come with a variety of other functions too, like screw drivers, bottle and can openers, measuring instruments, pliers, and carabiners and hooks.

Fire Striker - For quickly and easily building a fire for barbecuing or camping.

Trowel/Pocket Trowel - For digging holes, scraping surfaces, or shifting sand and dirt.

What are the best tools for travellers?

Similar to hikers, most travellers don't have the luxury of taking a full tool set with them everywhere they go. It would simply take up too much packing space and add unnecessary weight to your load. As such, anyone travelling should carry a multi-function tool, like a Leatherman multi tool or Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. This will give them a variety of functions (knives and cutters, screw drivers, bottle and can openers, measuring instruments, pliers and hooks) all in one small and compact device. Just be aware of multi tool blades if you are flying - most commercial airlines will not let you take these on board.



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