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Halfway up the crag is not the time to start questioning the quality of your climbing harness or rope. Do your homework before venturing out and shop the Mountain Designs range of harnesses and ropes for greater confidence on your climbing adventures. We stock some of the world’s most trusted brands that design their climbing gear with quality materials then test it against international safety standards to ensure you have the highest level of protection on the rock wall.

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What brands of climbing harnesses and ropes are available?

Mountain Designs stocks premium climbing gear brands such as Black Diamond and Beal, who have reputations for reliability and durability. Black Diamond produces innovative, high-quality gear for any pursuit that involves rock, ice or snow, and Beal is the leading manufacturer of climbing rope in the world today. Whether you're mountaineering, canyoning or caving, shop the range of rock climbing safety equipment at Mountain Designs and get the peace of mind you need to scale rock walls with confidence.

What are the best climbing harnesses?

The best rock climbing harness is one that fits correctly. This provides optimal comfort and safety, minimising rubbing but also ensuring that the harness supports your weight should you require it. Your rock climbing harness should also suit the type of climbing you are performing, and its specific demands. Look for designs with extra padding and breathability if you are going to be spending long periods of time climbing outdoors, or if you are sport climbing, you may want a lightweight climbing harness. The other thing to consider are gear loops for your hardware - make sure your climbing harness caters for your tools and accessories.

What is the best rope size for climbing?

This depends on what type of rock climbing you are undertaking. For top-roping, a thicker rope that is more durable and long-lasting is often a popular choice, for example 10.2mm. If you are multi-pitching, you might go for something a bit lighter, something in the 8-9mm range. Ultimately, the more experienced you get, the more you will learn what type of rope works best for you.

What are the lengths of ropes available?

At Mountain Designs, we stock ropes with rope lengths between 60m and 70m. 60m is a standard length and will work for many climbing situations. 70m can be useful if you are climbing in unknown areas and you are not fully clear on how much you may need. We also stock cordelette accessory cords, which are available by the metre. These are versatile static rope cords that are used for auxiliary purposes in rock climbing, mountaineering, canyoning and caving.

How long do climbing harnesses and ropes last?

This is really dependent on how much use they get. While we recommend changing your climbing harness or rope at least every five (5) years for responsible height safety, you will need to do so much more often if you are using them regularly. There is no definitive formula to determining the lifespan of a climbing rope as there are many factors that contribute to this. These include:

Age - When was the rope manufactured and how old is it?

Abrasion - This generally refers to torn rope fibres caused by friction against rocks and other sharp surfaces. This friction damages the sheath of the rope, often creating a 'fuzzy' effect.

Energy Absorption - Every time the rope gets loaded with weight, it loses a tiny percentage of its ability to absorb energy. This adds up over time and use. Generally, the larger the fall and consequent load-up or impact force, the less the rope will recover.



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