Women's Sandals

Not all outdoor adventures need to run on full throttle. For those more casual activities – relaxing by the campsite, resting up at the summit of a day hike, or even heading to the beach – sandals provide relaxed comfort and protection you can rely on. Mountain Designs has a variety of women’s sandals, constructed from lightweight materials and with functional designs, to make getting around easy and uncomplicated.

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What types of women's sandals are available at Mountain Designs?

We offer women's sandals and open-toe shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and provide the right support and protection for light hikes, beach trips and simple outdoor relaxation. They offer excellent breathability and allow air to circulate around your feet, as well as high traction for navigating different ground surfaces like grass, dirt and sand. For high quality ladies sandals, look for KEEN who specialise in these styles.

How can you choose the best sandals?

The best women's sandals are constructed from lightweight, yet highly durable materials. This makes them comfortable to wear for hours on end but also hard-wearing enough to handle rugged terrain such as dirt and rocks. They also feature high-traction soles for excellent grip underfoot. Look for designs that feature a toe cap, which prevents you from stubbing your toes on hard objects, and if you're heading to wet areas, opt for waterproof styles that are quick-drying.

What are the benefits of wearing proper hiking sandals?

With less protection and support than traditional hiking boots or hiking shoes, hiking sandals for women are best suited to light hikes where you aren't likely to come across uneven or highly rugged terrain. They're also practical for beach hikes. If you do head out on a more challenging trek, lightweight, breathable sandals are a great option at the end of the journey when you can swap them with your boots to let your feet breathe.

Are women's hiking sandals durable?

The Mountain Designs range of trekking sandals features premier brands that use highly durable materials in their construction. The result is hard-wearing, long-lasting use to weather the elements and withstand rugged ground. They also include waterproof linings to protect in wet conditions and heavy duty toe caps. Women's flat sandals may be comfortable but they will not last the journey or provide the same amount of support as a high quality pair of hiking sandals for women.

What outdoor activities can you use women's hiking sandals for?

Lightweight yet durable materials, high breathability, and quick-drying properties make our ladies sandals practical for all kinds of outdoor activities. More specifically, they are most suitable for light hikes and day walks, camping adventures, beach trips and even just everyday wear like heading to the park. For all-day comfort and support in your women's walking sandals or trekking sandals, put your best foot forward with our great range of women's sandals.

Are women's hiking sandals lightweight?

Walking, light hiking, camping and beach visits have much lower workloads when compared to multi-day hiking, expeditions or alpine adventures. Our women's sandals use lightweight construction materials designed exactly for these types of low-intensity activities, where support and protection is required but to a lesser extent. Hiking sandals for women also give you greater freedom of movement and high breathability.



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