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Stay on course and go the distance with the great range of high quality compasses and handheld GPS devices at Mountain Designs. We stock trusted global brands that design the best navigational tools to be found, so you can confidently get off the beaten track and back on it again, and keep your hiking, trekking, trail running, camping and alpine adventures moving in the right direction.

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What are the benefits of compasses and handheld GPS devices?

A handheld GPS device or compass is an essential piece of outdoor equipment, especially if your adventure is taking you through isolated locations, across rugged terrain or into testing weather conditions. Maintaining your bearings, being able to identify locations and points of interest, and understanding your surroundings will make your journey quicker, easier and less stressful. This is relevant for any of your outdoor pursuits, from trekking, hiking and alpine expeditions, to climbing, adventure racing and even just setting off for an overnight camp out.

What are the best compasses to choose from?

Map reading and navigation should be simple and easy so you can get back on course ASAP with minimum fuss and stress. The best compass will deliver precise directional measurements, through features and functions that may include:

Fast, globally-balanced needle with jewel bearing,

Adjustable declination correction,

Sighting tools such as mirror, notch and hole,

Clinometer to measure angles of slope,

Luminescent markings for easy reading in low-light conditions,

Metric UTM scales and inch ruler, and

Mirror for sighting bearings and signalling.

What is the most accurate handheld GPS?

Whether hiking, biking, geocaching or climbing, accurate navigation is paramount to getting to your destination. The most accurate handheld GPS units are those that use satellite networks to provide communication, location sharing, navigation and critical SOS functions. Through this worldwide satellite coverage, and a highly advanced antenna/receiver system, you can locate your position quickly and precisely, connect back home to mobile devices, and communicate with monitoring stations if an at-risk situation occurs.

What are the easiest navigation devices to use?

Handheld GPS units that provide communication, location sharing and navigation functionality are the easiest to use when you're outdoors. They provide critical information in real-time so you can plan and adjust your route, share your location and identify key landmarks instantaneously. If you're GPS device has preloaded topographical mapping, that will also be useful, allowing you to prepare your journey. From an operational point-of-view, GPS units with high-res, colour display screens are easier to read, while those with long-lasting battery life and durable housing design will require less management while you're on the go.



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