Women's Gaiters

Leg gaiters provide extra lower leg coverage to reinforce the protection your pants and footwear give you. They keep the elements from getting inside your shoes and prevent your shins and calves from getting injured by jagged rocks, protruding branches, or unwelcome insects and small critters. From snow-filled adventures to outback bushwalks, shield yourself with some women's gaiters and stay safe and sound outdoors.

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What are the benefits of using gaiters outdoors?

Gaiters complement your footwear and pants by providing lower leg protection around your ankles, shins and calves. They are designed to keep snow, rain, dirt and mud from getting inside your footwear, and prevent your skin from injury against rocks, branches, sticks and other sharp, protruding objects you may encounter outdoors when you're on the move. They will also help to shield you from snakes, ticks, leeches or other insects you would rather avoid.

When should you consider wearing gaiters?

Gaiters protect your lower legs from rough objects like sticks, rocks or scrub, and prevent dirt, rocks, grass, snow and rain from entering your footwear. With that in mind, gaiters can be worn any time you encounter these conditions. So for hiking, mountaineering, skiing, trail running or even just bushwalking, Mountain Designs has a pair of women's gaiters to suit your outdoor adventure.

Are women's gaiters waterproof?

As with most outdoor apparel and equipment, you can get women's gaiters in waterproof styles. Some of these use a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish while other more technical models will be constructed from waterproof fabric, such as GORE-TEX technology. If you are hiking or mountaineering through wet terrain or in climates that can change unexpectedly, or for skiing or snow-based activities, these are the best types of gaiters for you to wear.

How tight should your gaiter be?

For optimal comfort and function, your boot gaiters should be worn firmly. This snug fit will effectively reduce the amount of trail dirt, rocks and other debris that gets inside your footwear, so you're not constantly stopping your hike to clean out your boots or shoes. Our women's gaiters are designed to fit most leg shapes and sizes comfortably.

Do gaiters protect against snake bites?

Gaiters for hiking provide a shielding layer that keeps the elements outside, prevents branches, rocks or scrub from scratching your ankles, and protects you from creepy-crawlies like ants, bees and leeches. Gaiters will also protect you from snake bites, with the hard-wearing, durable materials used to construct them providing a barrier that prohibits a snake's fangs from penetrating through. Be aware that this is not 100% guaranteed, and that the best way to deal with a snake bite is to avoid getting bitten. Take care on the trails and follow the usual wildlife management procedures for the area you are exploring.

What lengths of women's gaiters are available?

Gaiters typically come in two sizes - low cut and high cut. Low cut gaiters or ankle gaiters are the ideal types of gaiters for hiking and bushwalking, when the path is generally cleared away and you only require a minimal amount of protection for your ankles. They also allow a greater range of movement which suits the dynamics of trail running. High cut gaiters or tall gaiters provide full coverage over the ankle, calf and shin. They are best for advanced hiking, mountaineering or even skiing where you need more protection from both the weather and the more rugged environment you are adventuring in.

What materials are ankle gaiters made of?

Ankle gaiters are primarily made from durable, abrasion-resistant fabrics, such as nylon, polyester or canvas, which deliver the hard-wearing protection you need from rocks, branches, trail debris, snakes, insects and, of course, the weather. Some ankle gaiters may also have a small amount of elastane blended into their construction, providing the stretchiness and extra range of movement you want when trail running or light hiking.

How should you wear women's gaiters?

For best results, your women's gaiters should be worn over your pants. This enhances comfort, allows them to protect your lower leg properly, and reinforces the front portion of your pants which in turn reduces the risk of them getting caught on branches, scrub or other rough objects. You should also wear your boot gaiters firmly so they stay in position and can effectively prevent dirt, rocks and other debris from getting inside your footwear.



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