These days a smart watch is more like a mini PC, packing a multitude of high-tech features into its ergonomic and innovative design. At Mountain Designs, we stock the best sport watches in the world, from trusted brands that specialise in creating the ultimate smart tools to help you conquer new territory and explore the great outdoors. From weather functions and navigational aids, to activity tracking, training programs and of course, telling the time, take your adventure to the next level with a watch from Mountain Designs.

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What are the best watches for hiking and outdoor activities?

Ultimately, the type of activity you're undertaking determines which model you need and what functionality will equip you the best. If you are camping, doing light day hikes, or just generally being active outdoors, a basic smart watch that provides activity tracking will work well. For more intense or difficult activity - such as alpine trekking or expeditions, multi-day hiking, or adventure racing - you will want something more technologically-advanced. Choose a smart watch with GPS navigation functions, an altimeter, a barometer and other weather condition reporting functions, and long-lasting battery life (ideally adjustable battery modes to manage output). Given that you'll likely be exposed to different weather conditions during your outdoor activities, also look out for a weather resistant design that is water resistant and dust proof.

What are the benefits of wearing sports watch?

The benefit of wearing a sports watch is that it provides real-time data to enhance your performance, whether you are trail running, climbing, mountain biking, adventure racing or leading any other active pursuit. Training functions - such as a heart rate monitor, interval training, speed and distance, and recovery - help you manage your training intensity, while inbuilt training programs can create future workouts based on your performance history and goals.

What features do sport watches have?

Most models will feature a heart rate monitor so you can check in on how hard you're working. More advanced styles and designs have inbuilt training programs that actually adapt with your activity, modifying the duration and intensity of suggested sessions as your fitness improves. They may also provide 24/7 activity tracking with steps, calories and sleep, along with stress and recovery monitoring.

Do I need a GPS watch for hiking?

If you're sticking to popular, well-known trails or you're just going for a short-duration hike, you may not need a GPS watch. But if you're heading on an expedition, multi-day trek, or you expect to be hiking through isolated locations, difficult terrain or in challenging weather conditions, you should invest in a GPS smart watch with an altimeter and barometer. This will give you access to key information related to navigation (GPS location, altitude, points of interest, terrain mapping etc), weather conditions (temperature, sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm etc), and your activity, so you can stay safe, stay informed, and stay on course.

Which watches have altimeters?

An altimeter is an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level. Some styles and designs of GPS smart watches include an altimeter, making them excellent for hiking, mountaineering and alpine trekking, climbing, adventure racing or any outdoor activities where there are regular changes in terrain gradient.

How can you choose the best sport watch for you?

Our range offers a variety of styles and designs, from the popular stainless steel men's watches and women's watches, to lightweight titanium, aluminium and brushed steel. These have various functions that will determine the best model for you. When it comes to a sports watch or running watch, the main features you'll want include:

Heart Rate Monitor - To track the intensity of your workout.

Training Programs - An inbuilt training program that creates workout sessions based on your previous activity will help you stay focused and motivated, as well as manage your workload. These will typically adapt the duration and intensity of the suggested sessions in line with your performance history and goals.

Daily Activity Tracking - Functions like sleep and recovery monitoring, step counters, and calorie counters.

Stop Watch/Timer - Manages the duration of your activity.

Water Resistance - A water resistant sport watch is ideal, to deal with sweat as well as allow you to keep training when the heavens open.



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