Women's Hiking Boots

A day on the trails can come undone very quickly if you underestimate the importance of high quality, protective hiking boots. At Mountain Designs we stock the world's leading brands, including Zamberlan, KEEN, Merrell and Salomon, with a variety of styles, colours and sizes to choose from. So, no matter what path you tread, protect yourself in premium style and comfort with the Mountain Designs range of hiking boots for women.

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What should you consider when choosing women's hiking boots?

The best hiking boots for women deliver high performance through a carefully-designed balance of protection, comfort and support. When choosing hiking boots for women, consider the following:

Protection - Styles with toe caps and heel caps deliver robust protection from hard rocks and debris, while waterproof linings and waterproof upper treatments keep rain and water out.

Grip - The ground surface you are hiking on dictates what type of grip you need. For rocky or muddy terrain, traction is crucial so the sole of your hiking boots will need deep, multi-directional lugs. If you are walking on concrete or cleared trail paths, you only require minimal grip so light hiking boots or trail running shoes may be more your style.

Height - We recommend mid and tall cut hiking boots for trekking across undulating terrain as they offer more ankle support and a locked-in feel. For flatter surfaces, low cut hiking boots or hiking shoes are more agile.

Weight - Minimising weight on your trek will save you more energy by the time you reach your destination. But you want to counter that with enough support, especially if you have a large pack to haul. Choose the most lightweight hiking boots you can find that still offer you the right fit, protection and support.

Materials - Leather offers excellent durability and protection, as well as a look that works best for minimalist hiking boots for women. On the other hand, synthetic materials are often lighter, more breathable and take less time to break in than their leather counterparts.

What outdoor activities can hiking boots be used for?

High quality hiking boots are designed with certain technical features that make them most ideally suited to hiking and trekking. There are some styles, however, that can be used for other outdoor activities also. If you're looking for minimalist hiking boots for women that can be worn while travelling or for everyday wear, search for leather hiking boots, which are highly durable, protective and stylish. For easy-going camping adventures, lightweight hiking boots and hiking shoes are a good option. Whether you want the best hiking boots for adventure, comfortable hiking boots that double for travel, or hiking work boots for women with business to take care of, the Mountain Designs range of hiking boots for women has something for every lady of action.

Which women's hiking boots are the most comfortable?

Every step counts when it comes to comfortable hiking boots for women. First up, consider materials. Your personal taste will dictate this, such as a preference for firm leather over soft and more supple synthetic fabrics. The best hiking boots for women are often manufactured using a combination of these textiles for long-lasting durability and superior comfort. Also think about the length - high cut or mid cut hiking boots will give you a firmer, more 'locked-in' feel that enhances support, while low cut hiking shoes give your foot and ankle more room to move within their normal biomechanical range. Furthermore, think about protective components such as toe caps, heel guards, and weatherproofing in the form of waterproof linings and uppers, for complete comfort in all conditions and terrains.

What size of hiking boots should I choose?

Correctly-fitting hiking boots are essential for your feet because when you think about it, you will be on them for the duration of your hike. As a general rule, start by choosing the same size as your normal shoe size for a firm fit that prevents slipping and rubbing which could lead to uncomfortable blisters and hotspots. Then depending on the style, its lacing or strap system, and the thickness of your hiking socks, you may go half a size larger. Many of the premier brands in the Mountain Designs range of women's hiking boots offer styles with a ladies-specific fit, for optimal comfort and performance, so keep an eye out for these designs. Also note that if a style has a narrow or broad fit, it should outline this in the product specifications.

Are women's hiking boots waterproof?

Your hike may take you across streams, creeks and water courses, or be in a wet weather setting where rainfall is an impediment. Keeping your feet dry from these obstacles is vital - it prevents rubbing or slipping that can lead to blisters, and reduces odour and bacterial build-up. Many hiking boots for women are constructed with waterproof fabrics for uppers and linings, to give you protection from rain, mud and wet tracks. Technology brands such as GORE-TEX® specialise in these materials and guarantee waterproof protection for the lifetime of the product.

Which women's hiking boots are lightweight?

The workload on your feet during a trek is immense, even without a large pack on your back, because quite obviously you are on your feet the whole time. So, it makes sense that the less load you have to carry, the more energy you will save and the easier the hike is on your body. But an experienced hiker also knows that lightweight hiking boots count for nothing if they don't provide adequate support and protection. So, pick the lightest hiking boots or hiking shoes you can find that still deliver on support and protection. We stock a variety of styles from premier brands such as Zamberlan, KEEN, Merrell and Salomon, who understand the importance of getting this balance right so you can step out with confidence in the performance of your footwear.



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