Men's Hiking Shoes

Your choice of footwear can often determine just how enjoyable your day on the trails is, because after all, you're on your feet for every step of the journey. Mountain Designs stocks a wide variety of men's hiking shoes with styles from premier brands such as Merrell, Zamberlan, KEEN and Salomon and rest assured, these guys know their stuff. They are the best in the business so when you lace up a pair of their hiking shoes, you can step outdoors with the utmost confidence in the support, comfort and protection they will deliver hike after hike.

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What are the best hiking shoes for men?

Quality hiking shoes should provide protection from rocks and debris strewn on paths, and should have sturdy grip so you can confidently navigate undulating terrain. Ideally, they will be lightweight, breathable and also keep your feet dry. The best hiking shoes tick all of these boxes but most importantly are durable and long-lasting. No-one wants to spend their hard-earned on a pair of flash hiking shoes only for them to fall apart at the seams after one or two trips into the wilderness. We stock Merrell, Zamberlan, KEEN and Salomon styles, all of which provide you with the highest quality in footwear designed for the outdoors.

What are the benefits of wearing hiking shoes?

If you really want to know the benefits of hiking shoes, try spending a day on the trails in sneakers or athletic shoes and see how your feet pull up, then do the same in a pair of hiking shoes. Actually, we don't want to put your feet through that pain, so we'll just tell you straight up! Hiking shoes are specially-designed to be harder-wearing and more supportive, in order to withstand the demands of hard hiking trail surfaces and protect your feet from rocks and sharp debris littered on the course. They should also have design features that minimise the likelihood of slipping, twisting an ankle, or rubbing that causes blisters and hotspots. So ultimately hiking shoes give you better protection and support for hiking than your runners, and will definitely last longer.

What are the benefits of lightweight hiking shoes?

Hiking puts a huge workload through your legs and feet, even on days when you aren't hauling a heavy pack on your back. As such, the less weight you carry on a trek, the less effort you will exert, meaning an easier and more enjoyable time spent outdoors. While you want the lightest footwear possible, you don't want to compromise on support and protection, so choose the lightest hiking shoe you can find that still offers you these qualities. The majority of men's hiking shoes in the Mountain Designs footwear range are lightweight, designed by premier brands that incorporate patented technologies and durable materials to help reduce weight and bulk.

Are men's hiking shoes heavy duty?

Like men's hiking boots, men's hiking shoes are designed to be heavy duty enough to handle the rugged environments and conditions associated with trekking the outdoors. Manufacturers use hard-wearing materials, and adopt features such as toe caps, heel caps and waterproofing treatments, to give you protection from the elements and long-lasting wear you can rely on adventure after adventure. Our range of men's hiking shoes offers a variety of durable styles to choose from that meet the demands of outdoor terrain and will stand the test of time.

Which men's hiking shoes are waterproof?

Keeping your feet dry during a hike is important - it helps to prevent slipping or rubbing that can lead to blisters, and reduces odour and bacterial build-up. Many hiking shoes use waterproof linings or waterproof treatments to give you protection from rain, mud and wet paths. Technology brands such as GORE-TEX® specialise in manufacturing these types of fabrics and guarantee waterproof protection for the life of the product.



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