Once you’ve cooked your meal, it’s time to sit back and enjoy it. For the ultimate alfresco dining experience on your camping trip, look to the range of dinnerware at Mountain Designs for serving your culinary creations. Lightweight yet durable materials, functional designs and compact storage makes the products in our dinnerware set range too tasty to leave off your gear list.

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What dinnerware should I take camping or hiking?

This depends on how elaborate you want to make your camp kitchen and how many people you're catering for. At the very least, your dinnerware set should comprise one or two plates and bowls, as well as some sort of cup or mug. You will also want some cutlery - if you don't have room for a full cutlery set that includes a knife, fork and spoon, there are some kitchen utensils that combine these functions into one convenient multi-tool.

What are the benefits of using compactable dinnerware?

As with all outdoor gear, being able to pack away your dinnerware set makes storing and carrying much easier. The best dinnerware sets will either be collapsible and fold into themselves for flat storage, or have a nested design where several pieces sit within each other for more compact storage. This means that you only need space in your pack to fit the largest piece.

What is the best material for dinnerware?

You want your camp tableware and dinner set to be lightweight, but more importantly it should be durable and hard-wearing. Many plates and bowls are made from a polypro glass composite material that has these benefits, as well as being cut-resistant. Your dinnerware set should also be easy to clean, otherwise meal time can become a frustrating chore. Even better, if it is dishwasher safe you can give it a thorough clean when you get home without damaging or warping the material. Some of the more premium options will have insulative properties so you can enjoy hot meals without your food losing too much heat or your plates and bowls getting too hot to touch. Some cups and mugs may have an insulation sleeve for the same reason.

Are dinnerware sets lightweight?

Even if you don't have to hike a long distance, a dinner set or plate set doesn't need to weigh you down on a camping trip. Look for camp tableware that is functional, durable and easy to pack away. Like any adventure gear, find the products that meet your needs then get the lightest version you can find.

What dinnerware is leakproof?

Plates and bowls in a dinnerware set should be made with materials that don't allow food and liquid to seep or leak through. The same goes for cups and mugs. Like your normal crockery at home, these obviously won't be spill-proof, unless they come with a lid attachment. If this is the case, make sure the lid has a quality seal to ensure that you don't inadvertently empty your leftover meal inside your pack while hiking between camp sites.



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