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Even the most well laid-out plans can be foiled in the great outdoors so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Equip yourself with some emergency accessories and safety products from Mountain Designs – they will come to your aid when small accidents and injuries occur, and you never know, they might save a life.

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What types of emergency & safety equipment can you choose from?

When you're planning any outdoor adventure, it's worth having some sort of emergency kit or safety equipment on hand. You can choose from a wide variety of emergency accessories and safety products at Mountain Designs that are designed to provide a basic range of first aid relief for minor emergencies and injuries. These include first aid kits, healing creams and lotions, hand warmers, emergency rescue blankets, snake bite kits, whistles, handheld GPS devices and smart watches, multi tools, and lighting devices.

What is emergency equipment used for?

First aid emergency equipment - such as a first aid kit, snake bite kit or rescue blanket - should only really be used for minor emergencies and injuries, or managing an urgent situation until emergency services can attend. You should not be relying on this safety gear as the sole solution to a crisis - you should also have a plan in mind if something more significant was to occur to you or your fellow adventurers. In addition, having a handheld GPS device or your mobile phone is also wise.

What should you consider when choosing a first aid kit?

A first aid kit is a must-have on any outdoor adventure. The bigger first aid kits obviously contain a more comprehensive range of first aid products, but what you need really depends on the type of activity you're pursuing, how long you're exposed to potential danger, and how much packing space you have for emergency safety equipment.

At the very least, the emergency equipment list in your first aid kit should contain the following: adhesive strips; bandages and wound dressings; antiseptic cream or lotion; saline solution; latex gloves; safety pins;and scissors.

What should you have in your emergency kit?

An emergency kit should have a few key safety products to ensure you are prepared for as many dangerous situations as possible. Some of the different types of emergency equipment and emergency accessories you should have on your emergency equipment checklist include:

First Aid Kit - Whether you stash it in your pack or keep it in your car, a basic first aid kit is a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Make sure it has a variety of first aid products such as bandages and adhesive strips, scissors, antiseptic creams and lotions, saline solution, pins and attachment pieces, and wipes.

Emergency Rescue Blanket - These help to retain body heat, and can be effective in the treatment of shock and hypothermia.

Sunscreen - Keeping some sunscreen in your pack is an easy way to avoid painful sunburn.

Soothing Balm/Lotion - Some sort of soothing gel or lotion that can help reduce the severity of bites, rashes and skin irritations.

Whistle/Mirror - A whistle is a great way to attract attention if you get lost or are isolated from your group. Similarly, a mirror can be used to reflect light over long distances and catch the eye of other adventurers or emergency services personnel.

What emergency gear should you have for cold weather conditions?

Aside from normal gear such as thermals, jackets and beanies, there are some emergency accessories that can help you in a cold weather crisis. Instant hand warmers are an effective means for heating fingers and hands in your pockets, and they can last up to an hour. In the event of unexpected exposure to extreme cold, a thermal rescue blanket can be wrapped around the body to retain personal body heat and treat hypothermia. Some waterproof matches or a lighter will make starting a fire in cold and wet conditions much easier, and a light or headlamp can be used for attracting attention in snow.

Do you need training to use emergency equipment?

It's not compulsory to complete formal training in order to effectively use emergency equipment. In fact, most basic first aid kits come with simple instructions for applying bandages for dressing wounds. The same goes with snake bite kits and rescue blankets. However, having background knowledge and experience in using first aid products or emergency accessories will help, especially given the fact that most emergencies create a tense situation for people to navigate. Calmness and clear decision-making are just as important as first aid skills.



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