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The trails are calling and you’re ready to carve them up: but you know you’ll need the performance of quality trail running shoes underfoot. We offer a great range of technical trail running shoes from specialist trail running brands, who are known for the comfort, protection, safety and performance of their footwear. Equip yourself with a pair of high-performance trail running shoes and run the trails with freedom and confidence.

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The trails are calling and you're ready to carve them up: but you know you'll need the performance of quality women's trail running shoes underfoot. We offer a great range of technical trail running shoes from specialist trail running brands, who are known for the comfort, protection, safety and performance of their footwear. Equip yourself with a pair of high-performance trail running shoes and run the trails with freedom and confidence.


How to Choose the Right Trail Running Shoes For Women

Trail running shoes have several distinct features that make them suitable for various trail conditions, these include:

  • Outsole: Trail running shoes typically feature aggressive tread patterns with deep lugs, which provide better grip on varied surfaces such as dirt, mud, rocks, roots and gravel. This helps prevent slipping and sliding on uneven terrain.
  • Midsole: Trail running shoes often incorporate cushioning and support in the midsole to absorb impact and protect the feet from rough terrain. Some models may have specialised cushioning technologies for shock absorption and comfort during long runs.
  • Upper: The upper part of the shoe is designed to be durable and protective. It's often made from materials that are waterproof, resistant to abrasion, and keep debris out. Many trail running shoes also have toe guards and reinforced overlays to protect the feet from obstacles.
  • Toe Protection: Given the uneven and potentially rocky terrain, trail running shoes often have reinforced toe caps or bumpers to protect the toes from impacts with rocks or roots.
  • Water Drainage: Some trail running shoes are designed with water drainage features to prevent water from accumulating inside the shoe when running through wet or muddy areas. Look for materials that are waterproof, such as GORE-TEX® membranes.
  • Stability and Support: Trail running shoes may offer enhanced stability features to help runners maintain balance on uneven surfaces. This can include a slightly wider base and additional support structures in the midsole.
  • Drop & Stack Height: The drop refers to the height difference between the heel and the forefoot. Trail running shoes may have different drop measurements, catering to various running styles and preferences. Stack height refers to the amount of cushioning underfoot.
  • Weight: While trail running shoes are generally slightly heavier than road running shoes due to the additional features and protection, manufacturers strive to strike a balance between protection and weight to ensure comfort and performance.
  • Terrain: Specific Designs - Some trail running shoes are designed for specific types of terrain, such as technical trails, muddy paths, or rocky mountain trails. These shoes may have features tailored to the challenges posed by these specific terrains.
  • Gaiters: Some trail running shoes have integrated gaiter attachment points or built-in gaiters to help keep debris out of the shoes during runs.


Women's Trail Running Shoes FAQs

Are trail running shoes waterproof?

The level of waterproofing in trail running shoes can vary based on the materials used and the specific design of the shoe:

  • Waterproof Women's Trail Running Shoes: These shoes are equipped with features like waterproof membranes (for example, GORE-TEX®) that prevent water from entering the shoe while allowing moisture to escape. They can be beneficial for running in wet and muddy conditions, as they help keep your feet dry and protected.
  • Water-Resistant Women's Trail Running Shoes: Many trail running shoes have water-resistant properties in the upper materials, which means they can repel light rain and splashes. While not completely waterproof, these shoes offer some level of protection against moisture.
  • Non-Waterproof Women's Trail Running Shoes: Some trail running shoes prioritise breathability and lightweight design over waterproofing. These shoes are better suited for dry or less wet conditions. They allow for better air circulation, which can help prevent your feet from getting too hot and sweaty.


What activities are trail running shoes best for?

Trail running shoes are specifically designed for running on off-road trails and uneven terrain. They are well-suited for a variety of outdoor activities including:

  • Trail Running and Mountain Running: Whether you're tackling rugged mountain trails, forest paths, or rocky terrain, these shoes provide the necessary grip, traction and protection to navigate uneven surfaces.
  • Hiking and Walking: If you enjoy hiking on trails that are not paved, trail running shoes can work well for hiking too. They offer the comfort, support and durability needed for longer walks in natural settings.
  • Obstacle Course Racing/Adventure Racing: A popular choice for obstacle course races (OCR) and mud runs, where participants need shoes that can handle various obstacles, mud pits and uneven terrain.
  • Fastpacking: Fastpacking combines trail running and lightweight backpacking. If you're covering long distances on trails and need the agility of running shoes along with some additional support for carrying a light backpack, trail running shoes can be a good option.
  • Cross-Training: Trail running shoes can also be used for cross-training activities that involve outdoor agility work, such as agility drills, functional fitness workouts, and even some light rock climbing or bouldering.


How long do trail running shoes last?

On average, trail running shoes can last anywhere from 400 to 800 kilometres of running. Some factors that can affect the longevity of trail running shoes include: terrain, body weight, running style, frequency of use, care & maintenance, quality of materials as well as cushioning & midsole.


How do I buy trail running shoes online?

Buying trail running shoes online can be convenient, but it's important to ensure that you're making an informed purchase. At Mountain Designs, you can be confident in our range, we only sell trusted brands and products. Ensure you view the appropriate size chart to determine the right size for you.


How much do trail running shoes cost?

The cost of trail running shoes can vary widely based on factors such as brand, quality, features, and technology incorporated into the shoes. On average, trail running shoes can range from entry-level around $80 to premium around $200 or more. Mountain Designs has a great range you can choose from for your budget and experience level.


Discover The Range of Women's Trail Shoes Online

When choosing trail running shoes, it's important to consider the type of trails you'll be running on, your running style, your foot shape, and any specific preferences you have for cushioning and support. Ultimately, the best trail running shoes for you will depend on your running style, the type of terrain you'll encounter, and your comfort preferences. Mountain Designs is your destination for quality trail running shoes for women and all the technical gear you need for your adventure. You can find more great women's outdoor footwear including women's hiking shoes, women's hiking boots and women's climbing shoes in the range at Mountain Designs. Ensure you have all the gear you need for trail running, shop women's outdoor socks, hydration packs and more in the range today.



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