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Make the great outdoors a great kitchen with the range of portable stoves and gas burners at Mountain Designs. Designed for functionality, ease of use, simple cleaning, but most importantly a consistent, reliable cooking performance, every adventurer can become a more-than-handy chef with our range of portable cooking equipment.

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What is the best camping stove?

The best camping stove is one that is purpose-built for your adventure and cooking needs. If you are hiking, features like weight and packability become vital, if you are camping then consider things such as flame adjustability, speed and consumption rate. Overall you want a cooking system that cooks your food properly and efficiently, is easy to set up and use, and is easy to clean.

What can you cook on camping stoves?

The beauty with portable camping stoves is that you can essentially cook anything on them.

In saying that, the variety of your culinary creations will ultimately be limited by the size of your cooking system, your ability to manage heat, and the accessories you have available to you.

Cooking System Size - If you only have one small flame to work with, you can't cook as much food at the same time. This may not be an issue if you're cooking for yourself or a partner, but for a large group at the campsite you may want to consider multiple portable stoves to create a camping kitchen.

Heat Management - Many years ago, portable gas burners weren't as versatile because you couldn't control the flame as easily to vary your cooking temperature. Improvements in technology have seen new products in the market overcome this, giving you greater capabilities and allowing you to use different cooking techniques and methods.

Cooking Accessories - With the right pots and pans, you can boil, steam, fry and roast. So really, your menu comes down to what food supplies you have on hand and how imaginative you are.

What fuel do I need for my stove or gas burner?

Each different portable stove or gas burner will use a specific type of fuel source - usually gas or liquid - so make sure you carefully read the information provided with the product. Common types of gas fuel include butane, propane, or isobutane/propane gas blends, and these typically come in small, pressurised portable gas canisters. This allows you to only pack the amount you need, meaning you don't have to transport standard (and much bigger) gas bottles with you. Common types of liquid fuel include white gas, methylated spirits, kerosene or unleaded auto gas, and these can be housed in a refillable fuel bottle that attaches directly to your portable camping stove. At Mountain Designs, we stock liquid fuel source bottles with varying capacities for convenience and to allow you to customise your cooking system to suit your needs. Other portable stove fuel types include twigs, solid fuel tablets and denatured alcohol.

Are portable stoves lightweight?

As with all your camping gear, a portable stove needs to perform its function first and foremost - after all, there's no point setting up a camping kitchen if the cooking system doesn't actually cook your food properly. After that, a high-quality portable stove should be a lightweight stove so that you can carry it easily in transit on your way to the campsite. Most brands that manufacture portable stove products use durable yet lightweight materials in their construction, such as stainless steel, aluminium or brass, which minimise total weight but can also handle flames and high temperatures.

What brands of stoves and gas burners are available?

Mountain Designs stocks premium global brands - such as Jetboil, SOTO, Trangia, BioLite and 360 Degrees - who specialise in manufacturing portable camping stoves and portable gas burners with varying capacities, functions and output levels. Other key features to consider include different ignition types, flame control and boil times. Whatever your adventure needs, we have the range to help you set up the perfect cooking system for the great outdoors.



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