The right accessories on your gear list can often be the difference between a memorable adventure and one you’d rather forget. Depending on what activity you are pursuing and what conditions you will encounter, you’ll likely need hiking poles, water bottles, lighting, tools, or other accessories to make the most of your time outside. Look to Mountain Designs for the right mountain equipment to pack out your gear and take your adventure to the next level.

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What outdoor accessories can you choose from?

The range of accessories at Mountain Designs has been arranged to complement your clothing and mountain equipment. We stock premium global brands that produce high quality products, so whether you need hiking accessories, climbing accessories, camping accessories or travel accessories, shop today at Mountain Designs and gear up with the best mountain equipment you can get your hands on.

What accessories should you take hiking?

Hiking gear doesn't end at your clothing, footwear and backpack - the right outdoor hiking accessories can really make your day on the trails easier and more enjoyable. Mountain Designs stocks a great range of accessories for hiking, with some of the basics including:

Hiking Poles - If you are hiking for long distances or on tricky terrain, a set of hiking poles will provide additional support and stability by increasing your foothold and alleviating the forces through your feet, legs, hands and arms.

Water Bottles/Hydration Packs - Staying hydrated is important for maintaining physical performance and keeping your wits about you. When it comes to hiking accessories, a water bottle is a must have. Alternatively, a hydration bladder for your hiking pack (or a hydration pack) is another way to ensure you have easy and regular access to drinking water.

Lighting - A headlamp or head torch is another piece of must-have hiking gear. This allows you to light the way in dark locations or when night falls, while keeping use of both hands.

Tools - Some sort of multi-tool or knife will be a handy item to take with you - you never know when you might need to cut something or use a screw driver, bottle opener, carabiner clip etc.

Emergency & Safety Accessories - It's good sense to take a small first aid kit with you, just in case. It obviously won't solve every problem but for minor injuries it should do the trick.

What are the best travel accessories?

Packing practical travel accessories will save you time and money when you're away from home - there's nothing worse than having to fork out your spending money on travel accessories that you simply forgot to pack, or hadn't realised would come in handy on your trip.

The best travel accessories help make life easier and include:

Travel Pillow - A small but worthwhile item that will provide extra comfort, especially if you're trying to get a bit of sleep on that long plane flight or bus trip. Add a sleep mask if you really want the lights out.

Money Belt/Security Pouch - Designed to keep valuables like money, credit cards and ID cards safe and secure. Make sure it is constructed with RFID-blocking material to protect RFID-enabled credit cards from data theft. Streamline designs that stay flat against your person are also recommended.

Locks - Handy for securing luggage in transit, or backpack zips while in busy crowds or on public transport.

Storage Units/Containers - Packing cells or dry bags will help keep your clothing and accessories organised while you're living out of a bag. Toiletry bags are an obvious necessity, and spare tubes or containers are also useful.

Music/Media Accessories - With the prolific use of mobile devices in today's world, it makes sense to equip yourself with quality music accessories for travel. Get yourself some noise-cancelling earphones so you can enjoy your music without loudly ruining someone else's journey.

Travel Adaptors - If you're heading abroad and are going to need to recharge the battery for your phone, camera or laptop, this is a must-have. Make sure you research the type of travel adaptor that is compatible to your destination though - travel adaptors have different socket configurations for different regions of the world.

What accessories are needed for cold weather?

Clothing and accessories for cold weather are basically all about protection from the elements. When it comes to these types of mountain accessories, think about how you can minimise exposure of your extremities to the low temperatures. So for fingers and hands - think gloves (especially insulated gloves for alpine adventures) or even some instant hand warmers, for your neck; go for scarves or neck gaiters, for your head; get yourself a beanie to cover those ears. These should all be purpose-made for different end uses, and of course comfort and fit is essential. But above all else, make sure they offer weather resistance.

What accessories are useful in hot conditions?

When you face hot conditions, it's usually in the form of the sun, humidity or both. Like your clothing, you want clothing accessories that help to minimise your skin's exposure to harmful UV rays, while being breathable and lightweight.

The first thing you'll want in a hot climate is a hat. A wide-brimmed hat is the most functional and practical option, providing the most face and neck coverage and keeping you cooler over the course of the day. A bucket hat or cape hat will also help to minimise your sun exposure. Sunglasses also provide excellent sun protection for your eyes and help stop you squinting from the sun's glare. The other accessory to remember for hot outside temperatures is a water bottle or hydration pack, to help keep you hydrated.

What climbing accessories can you purchase?

Climbing is an activity where it pays to be prepared - it's pretty hard to just 'duck away' to get that climbing gear you need when you're halfway up a rock wall! Climbing accessories that you should consider having at your disposal include helmets, harnesses, ropes, and hardware. Hardware includes carabiners, quickdraws, protection equipment e.g. cams for active protection, and stoppers and hexes for passive equipment, belay/rappel devices, ascenders, runners, chalk and chalk bags.



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