PrimaLoft® insulation is one of the leaders in performance insulation and fabric, originally developed to serve the needs of the United States Army. The PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco series is a water resistant, synthetic alternative to down. It features all the necessities for a thermally-efficient insulation and adds the benefits of softness, packability and loft. It combines 60% recycled materials with advanced fibre technology to create a high-performing, eco-friendly insulation for immediate warmth without the bulk.

Key Benefits:

  • Warmth Without Bulk - smaller fibres trap more air, resulting in superior thermal performance
  • Breathable - allows perspiration to be released, keeping you comfortable during activity
  • Packable - fibres that are highly compressible are easier to pack down
  • Lightweight - keeps your load light no matter what activity you are performing
  • Superior Softness - a softer feel enhances comfort
  • Recycled Content - eco-friendly insulation that contains 60% post-consumer recycled material


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