Men's Hiking Pants

Hiking involves a wide range of movements and every part of your body will appreciate gear that keeps you comfortable. It's natural to focus on footwear, but experienced hikers also understand the value of quality hiking pants that combat the elements and encourage regular movements, particularly while climbing or straddling uneven and unstable surfaces. Men's hiking pants are a Mountain Designs speciality, where quality manufacture and affordable prices are on offer.

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What are the best men's hiking pants?

The best men's hiking pants are comfortable and don't allow scrapes, abrasions and rashes to develop into painful problems. A good pair of hiking pants will satisfy criteria that include:

Breathability - Sweat against contact points with clothing can quickly develop into a rash or other painful inflammation. Hiking pants need to be able to breathe.

Durability - Your hiking pants will inevitably come in contact with rocks, underbrush and twigs. Your pants should be durable enough to handle the knocks and snags without easily ripping or tearing.

Non-constricting - The weather can change at any time, so your hiking pants should assist to cut through wind and rain without becoming heavy or constricting. Some hiking pants can even transform into shorts. Check out the range of high quality men's hiking pants at Mountain Designs and become inspired.

Which men's hiking pants are most comfortable?

Your hiking pants should be compatible with the rest of your hiking gear. Depending on your style, you may have a lot to carry, and having storage pockets, pouches and zips in appropriate places will improve overall hiking comfort. Hiking pants are no exception - built for comfort and utility with plenty of pockets. Some hiking pants features worth exploring include:

  • Consistent performance in hot and cold climates
  • Storage space/cargo pockets
  • Ripstop nylon weather protection
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Spandex, elastane and other materials for stretch and ease of movement and
  • Convertible shorts with zip-on legs.

Are men's hiking pants suitable for wet weather?

Men's hiking pants are designed to handle all-weather outdoor experiences. However, if you are expecting extended wet weather during your hike it's advisable to take an additional pair of rain pants for wearing temporarily over your other clothes during a downpour. Wet and cold weather can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, making appropriate hiking gear paramount for a successful journey. The range of men's hiking trousers available at Mountain Designs has been developed for both novice and experienced hikers. Men's hiking pants are often manufactured with the inclusion of a durable water repellent coating for additional comfort and dryness. Every ounce of protection counts when carrying all your possessions on your shoulders, making lightweight and adaptable men's hiking pants a good investment for a comfortable journey.

What men's hiking pants are most suitable for summer?

If you are embarking on a longer hike in summer, regular pants just won't cut it. You need lightweight trekking pants with room to stretch and resistance against the elements. Experienced hikers also recommend light-coloured pants that resist the sun's glare and intensity. People with light and sensitive skin will further benefit from special UPF-rated hiking clothes that offer extra sun protection. At Mountain Designs, you can have it all.

Are any of the men's hiking pants suitable for colder weather?

Quality hiking pants are water resistant and wind resistant, allowing you to stay warm and dry even during inclement weather. It's a good idea to wear dark-coloured hiking pants in colder weather as they attract the warmth of the sun and dry out faster after a soaking. Hiking is a huge pastime worldwide so Mountain Designs stocks the best hiking pants and outdoor gear for every situation.

What are the benefits of convertible hiking pants?

Weather is changeable, and this is particularly noticeable when you're hiking outdoors and exposed to the elements. Convertible hiking pants are a smart innovation that transform the pants into shorts whenever required. Simply unzip the pants just above the knees and allow your legs to breathe. Convertible hiking pants are lightweight and quick drying, so you will never have to miss out on a quick swim during a warm hiking adventure.


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