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When you want casual style for easy outdoor wear, a casual dress might be your go-to. At Mountain Designs, we stock casual dresses online, from women’s casual dresses for summer to day dresses. Our women’s dresses are suitable for the outdoor elements, yet always fashionable and on-trend.

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What is a casual dress for the outdoors?

Casual dresses for the outdoors are informal and designed for comfort. They are typically made from soft, lightweight fabric that is airy and breathable. This makes them a great choice for the warmer months, as well as travel, trips to the park or just everyday outings. Any time you want to dress down but keep casual style and comfort, a casual dress is your go-to.

What types of casual dresses are good for outdoors?

There are many types of dresses that are suitable for outdoor wear. Some of these day dresses include the wrap dress, shirt dress, tank-top style dress, button-front dress and the tea dress, which is characterised by unstructured lines and lightweight fabric. This makes the tea dress one of the more popular styles of women's casual dresses for summer, with their airiness and breathability, cover and comfort. The key is to get the right balance between a soft hand-feel, light and airy wear, freedom of movement, and of course, style.

Where to buy casual dresses?

At Mountain Designs, we offer casual dresses that are designed for everyday outdoor wear and travel. They are lightweight, soft and comfortable on the skin, and easy to care for. Some fabrics have wrinkle-resistant properties to handle being packed in luggage for periods of time. Most fashion brands offer a wide range of casual dresses but for casual style that suits the outdoors, shop the Mountain Designs range of women's dresses online.

What are casual dresses made of?

The best women's dresses for the outdoors should be made from soft and lightweight fabrics that are breathable. The fabric should also be reasonably durable - while it doesn't need to be as hardy as a ripstop outer shell for example, it still needs to be able to handle the outdoors. Organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester are often used for the warmer months, while Merino wool is more comfortable for women's casual long dresses in winter. Quite often polyester or nylon will be blended with elastane to give you more freedom and room to move.

What is best paired with a casual dress?

In keeping with casual style for the outdoors, women's casual dresses for summer pair well with a wide-brim hat and some sandals or lightweight lifestyle shoes. For winter, a scarf or throw shawl works well.



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