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Stay Warm & Dry With Men's Rain Jackets From Mountain Designs

A well-designed weatherproof shell is your frontline defence against wind and rain. Mountain Designs has a fit-for-purpose men's range of waterproof jackets for you to choose from, offering the highest levels of protection for when the weather turns nasty and threatens to dampen your spirits and adventures. Rain jackets are essential to your outdoor adventures, helping you stay dry and comfortable when wet weather circles in on the radar. Discover quality men's rain jackets from Mountain Designs which have been technically engineered to deliver the best in lightweight, breathable, waterproof protection. We have a variety of styles in different colours and sizes to choose from, so you can select the design that meets your outerwear needs.

Discover Quality Materials & Constructions In The Men's Rain Jackets Range

At Mountain Designs we understand that men's rain jackets need certain technical elements in their design, giving you comfort, functionality, and the weather protection you need. These include:

  • Waterproof Fabric: A waterproof rain jacket is a wearable outer shell that acts as a shield by stopping water from penetrating through. The strength of this barrier, known as the waterproof rating, depends on how much water the shell can withstand and is measured in millimetres. Generally speaking, the higher the rating, the greater the waterproofness. Technology brands such as GORE-TEX® specialise in manufacturing these types of fabrics and guarantee waterproof protection for the life of the garment.
  • Breathable Fabric: A breathable rain jacket means the fabric is able to transfer hot air and sweat from the inside to the outside, with higher breathability ratings indicating greater comfort. Ultimately it means you'll stay more dry and comfortable when you become more active.
  • Seam-Sealed Construction: To create a fully waterproof jacket, Mountain Designs rain jackets feature internally sealed seams to ensure water can't pass through the stitching.
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish: This treatment is applied to the outer surface of rain jackets and protects the face fabric from becoming saturated. It does this by causing the water to bead up and roll off the garment's exterior.
  • Functional Design Components: Men's rain jackets from Mountain Designs are created with functional components such as hoods, adjustable hems and adjustable sleeves, allowing you to personalise your fit and maximise protection from the elements.

Men's Rain Jackets FAQs

What are the best men's rain jackets for hiking?

Depending on the intensity of your hike, you are most likely working up a bit of a sweat. So while the best waterproof jackets for hiking obviously need to keep rain on the outside, they also need to keep you dry on the inside, meaning breathability is crucial. A high-quality, breathable rain jacket will help transfer warm body heat and sweat droplets to the outside of the shell, keeping you cooler and drier. Keep in mind that if you're exerting yourself in hot and humid conditions, no rain jacket is likely to feel entirely dry on the inside.

Do men's rain jackets offer wind protection?

The bonus to wearing rain jackets is that they also provide wind protection through the waterproof membrane and seam-sealed construction. There are a variety of tests that indicate whether a jacket is 'windproof' or not but as a general rule, if you're wearing a waterproof jacket, you'll be shielded from wind chill.

What are the best men's rain jackets for warmth?

Rain jackets do provide protection from wind chill thanks to the waterproof membrane and seam-sealed construction that restrict water and cool air from passing through the fabric surface and seam stitching. However, to stay warm when adventuring in wet weather, rain jackets should be paired with first-layer undergarments like men's thermals, and in colder climates with an additional lightweight mid-layer such as men's fleece jackets or vests.

Shop Durable, Waterproof & Practical Men's Rain Jackets At Mountain Designs

Explore the best in men's rain jackets from Mountain Designs, designed for superior breathability, comfort and waterproofing. Find the perfect fit for every outdoor adventure or everyday errands with a durable and practical men's waterproof jacket. Shop the complete selection of men's rain jackets online at Mountain Designs and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. You can also find men's rain pants and a great selection of men's jackets & vests including men's fleece jackets and men's synthetic insulated jackets to keep yourself cosy, warm and dry. Discover great outdoor clothing tips and tricks with our handy guide on the art of layering clothing. Mountain Designs Alliance Club members also benefit from exclusive discounted Club prices, sign-up vouchers and other fabulous member benefits - make sure you sign up today!



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