Women's Hiking Pants & Shorts

The demands of your hiking adventure are many, from external factors like the weather conditions and the rugged terrains of your location, to the intensity and duration of the trek itself. For performance and comfort on the trails, you need hiking pants or shorts that are purpose-made to not only meet these challenges, but surpass them. Our range of high quality hiking pants and shorts for women delivers on both, giving you range of movement, durable wear and reliable weather protection to combat the elements.

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What should you consider when choosing hiking pants or hiking shorts for women?

Hiking is an active recreation, meaning even on easy, light trails you will be moving. For optimal comfort, you should consider the following features in your hiking shorts or hiking pants for women:

Breathability – When clothing gets damp from perspiration it can rub on your skin causing rashes and other painful inflammation. The best hiking pants and shorts use breathable fabrics to ensure air flow and allow your skin to breathe.

Lightweight – Like with all hiking apparel and equipment, the less weight you have to carry on your person, the better. Mountain Designs uses lightweight fabrics to deliver a light, soft-touch feel on your body that doesn’t weigh you down.

Durability – No matter where you head and how careful you are, you’re likely to encounter some rocks, scrub and sticks along the trails. Your hiking trousers or hiking shorts should be made from durable, hard-wearing fabrics that can withstand the contact without ripping or tearing.

Stretch – Up and down, bending, stretching, hopping, jumping. Depending on the trek difficulty and the terrain you’re covering, you will want some stretch in your hiking pants or shorts to enhance range of movement.

Functional Design Components – It’s handy to have some functional components constructed into your hiking pants or shorts. The best hiking pants and shorts include these in their design, with features such as adjustable belts for a personalised fit, and pockets for storing quick-grab items like phones, snacks and multi-tools.

Which hiking pants can be converted into shorts?

Weather can be unpredictable so being properly prepared for your day on the trails is essential. One way to counter changing temperatures is to wear trekking pants that can be converted into shorts. We stock convertible hiking pants for women that zip off at the knee, giving you the option to remove the lower half when conditions heat up.

What are the best hiking pants for cold weather?

High quality hiking pants should be water resistant and wind resistant, giving you effective protection from cold weather elements. Styles in our range of hiking pants for women use a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, are quick drying and are made from durable fabrics, keeping you warm and dry when cold temperatures, wind and rain threaten to spoil your hike. Also, choose darker colours for hiking pants in cool climates as they draw warmth from the sun and dry out faster after getting wet.

Which women’s hiking pants or shorts are the most comfortable?

A comfortable outfit is your first step towards enjoying your day outside in nature. Hiking pants and hiking shorts should be lightweight and breathable, with some stretch in the fabric that works with your body’s natural shape and movements. Moisture-wicking and quick drying properties will also enhance comfort, managing perspiration when your trek gets harder and you start working up a sweat. Our range of high quality hiking shorts and hiking pants for women is designed to deliver a consistent mix of performance and comfort so you can simply focus on your environment and the next step.

Which women’s hiking pants are suitable for wet weather?

Our hiking pants for women have been purpose-made with technical design elements to cope with all weather conditions, including basic wet weather. The fabric is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, which is applied to the outer surface of the hiking pants. This protects the facing from becoming saturated by causing the water to bead up and roll off the garment’s exterior. The fabric is also quick drying so it can handle a light shower, but if you’re expecting a heavy downpour, it is best to layer some rain pants over the top as your hiking trousers are water resistant but not fully waterproof.

Which women’s hiking pants or hiking shorts are best for summer?

As with any adventure, a long summer hike requires fit-for-purpose gear. With the warmer temperatures and extended time on the trails, you will want high quality hiking pants or hiking shorts that are lightweight and breathable to give your skin some air flow and cool you down. The fabric should also have some stretch to it so you don’t feel restricted and can move easily and freely. For maximum versatility, convertible trekking pants allow you to zip off the lower leg half if you start getting too hot and need to adapt your outfit. And pick light-coloured hiking pants for bright and sunny conditions as they will resist the sun’s glare and intensity.



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