Mountain Designs was founded on the side of a mountain so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to climbing. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced climber gearing up for a big stint on the wall, protection, safety and confidence in your equipment is non-negotiable. We stock a wide range of harnesses, ropes, hardware, helmets and footwear from premier brands that specialise in manufacturing the best rock climbing gear you can use.

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What climbing equipment is available at Mountain Designs?

Mountain Designs stocks a wide variety of climbing gear to ensure you are well equipped for a day on the rock face. Our range includes rock climbing shoes, protective headwear, climbing harnesses, climbing rope, and a great selection of hardware such as carabiners, anchors, belay/rappel devices, quickdraws, and ascenders. With our premium rock climbing brands, you get quality, durability and above all else, reliability.

What is the most essential equipment for climbing?

Rock climbing combines physical fitness, concentration, strategy and, at times, courage. If you're just starting out, getting the right climbing equipment will help build your confidence. Start with some rock climbing shoes, which are specifically designed to provide grip and stability, as well as a climbing harness, a carabiner and a chalk bag. These are the basics. Once you progress to more technical rock climbing, especially outdoors, you will want to invest in a helmet for safety, a high quality climbing rope, and various hardware pieces such as anchors, belay/rappel devices and quickdraws.

What headgear should you use when climbing?

For outdoor rock climbing, a helmet is a must. This will provide you with protection against rocks falling from above, or the impact from bumping your head against the rock wall or the ground. You should opt for a specialist climbing helmet, rather than just improvising with a bike helmet or other headgear, as they are designed specifically to take greater impact from above. Make sure your helmet is lightweight, has padding for comfort and is adjustable so you can fit it correctly. If you are rock climbing indoors, you don't necessarily need a helmet, as the rock wall is artificial with a ceiling above it, and the gym will have floor padding.

What footwear is ideal for climbing?

Rock climbing is a full body activity so specialist rock climbing footwear is essential if you want to maximise your performance on the wall. Rock climbing shoes are designed to give you a compact fit that compresses your foot tightly. This minimises any movement within the shoe itself and allows you to impart more force with each foot press. Your rock climbing shoes should also be lightweight, have a robust toe rand, and squared off sole edges. A hard rubber outsole will provide traction required on uneven rock wall surfaces.

What are the best harnesses and ropes to take climbing?

Your climbing harness should fit correctly for both comfort and safety. It should also suit the type of climbing you are undertaking, and its specific demands. If you're expecting to spend long periods of time climbing outdoors, look for designs with extra padding, alternatively, if you are sport climbing, you will want a lightweight climbing harness. Make sure it has enough gear loops for your hardware. When it comes to the best climbing rope, always opt for dynamic ropes. Do not take static rope. Mountain Designs stocks rope from Beal, who is considered by many to be the best manufacturer of climbing rope in the world today.

Is lightweight climbing equipment available at Mountain Designs?

When it comes to climbing equipment, you need hard-wearing gear that you can trust. The main priorities are durability and reliability because above all else: safety first. As with all outdoor gear though, you do also want it to be lightweight in order to maximise comfort and minimise the load you have to bear. We stock premier brands that are known for high quality, reliable climbing gear that is lightweight. So whether its rock climbing shoes, climbing rope, a climbing harness or hardware, step onto the wall knowing you have equipped yourself with the best rock climbing equipment from Mountain Designs.



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