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You shouldn't have to worry about how your outfit will perform when you set off on outdoor adventures. That's why at Mountain Designs we make sure our outerwear is purpose-made for certain end uses, with a focus on comfort and functionality. Our women's tops range includes tees, shirts and fleece tops in various styles, colours and sizes, so you can step outside with confidence knowing that your top suits your adventure and meets your performance needs.

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What are the best women's tops for hiking?

There are some essential features to look for when choosing a top for hiking. Shirts or tees should be lightweight and breathable, ensuring all-day comfort when you get more active. They should also be moisture-wicking to help manage perspiration from your skin, and quick-drying for wet conditions such as light rain. Durable fabrics and designs give you long-lasting wear from season to season, while anti-odour and anti-insect treatments are additional benefits that can make trail life more comfortable. Shirts with long sleeves provide extra protection from wind, rain and sun, but can also be rolled up when you're out in warmer weather, giving you flexibility. Lightweight fleece tops are also super versatile as they can be used for layering or covering up when the mercury drops on the trails.

Which women's shirts offer the best wind protection?

Fleece tops offer the best wind protection when you're hiking or camping. They can be worn alone if conditions are calm, or as an insulating layer when the wind picks up and the chill factor increases. Whatever your preference, they provide reliable warmth and comfort, and can easily fit into your pack without taking up too much room.

What are the best women's tops for warmth?

Nothing beats a snug fleece top when it comes to cosy warmth, and that's why adventurers have been wearing them forever. You can wear them over some thermals or if you really need to rug up, make them a mid-layer under a heavier outer shell. The weight of the knit construction - from lightweight to heavyweight - will be determined by how much warmth you need for the conditions you encounter, but whichever style you choose, trust that our Mountain Designs fleece tops have been designed to bring you dependable all-day warmth and comfort.

Which women's tees are great for camping?

Camping with family and friends is best when you are relaxed. Match your outfit with that vibe by opting for the simple style of a tee. Our range of women's tees comes in all sorts of fabrics, colours and sizes ranging from size 8 to 18, to give you performance, comfort and choice. Look for Merino wool tees, which are thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and even naturally odour-resistant thanks to the unqiue properties of the wool fibres. Another benefit to the simplicity of tees is that you can easily throw a fleece or jacket over the top when it gets cool at sundown or if the weather turns.

Which lightweight women's shirts are best for summer?

Mountain Designs offers a high-quality range of shirts that suit hiking, camping and all the other things you want to do on your summer adventures. They are designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep you cool, and quick-dry, moisture-wicking properties to manage sweat while you play. Anti-odour treatments are also used to help you stay fresher for longer. For more casual activity or a lighter first layer, opt for tees. They still give you comfort and performance, but can easily be worn under a fleece or jacket when the sun sets and the air gets a little chilly.

What shirts can protect you from the sun?

Our range of women's shirts are purposefully designed to deliver high quality, functional performance and sun protection. Our long sleeve styles are a practical choice as the full arm coverage and high neck collar shield the skin from prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays. We use fabric that is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking to make sure you still feel cool and comfortable when you're on the move in sunny conditions.

What women's tops offer weather protection?

The Mountain Designs range of women's tops has been designed to meet the demands of certain outdoor activities, with features that improve performance and deliver reliable protection in particular conditions. Our fleece tops are a popular choice for adventurers journeying into cooler climates, as they help combat cold air and wind either on their own or as a mid-layer. For hotter conditions, our long sleeve shirts offer excellent protection from the sun, but are also lightweight and breathable so you don't get too hot.



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