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Mountain Designs thermals provide your essential first layer of comfort and protection when you're adventuring in cold climates. Specially designed to keep you warm and dry, our thermals come in a range of performance fabrics including Merino, Merino Blend and Polypro, with a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. The art of layering is crucial to your comfort, so start at the base level with the right thermals.

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Why do I need women's thermals?

We lose body heat in different ways, and in winter it becomes even harder to maintain core body temperature. That's why thermals are a vital part of the layering system of your adventure outfit. They provide an important extra layer of warmth from cold, wind, snow and ice by trapping heat against your skin. They also wick perspiration away, minimising the cooling effect of sweat evaporation off your body surface, and eliminating that feeling of dampness when you're active.

What types of women's thermals are available?

Our range of women's thermals offers you the choice between three performance fabrics - Merino, Merino Blend and Polypro. Each has different features to suit your needs, but ultimately they all provide comfort and warmth. They come in both thermal tops and thermal pants, with a selection of colours and sizes ranging from 8 to 18. For best results, select a close-fitting size to hug your body and eliminate cold air from getting in at the neck, or at your wrists and ankles.

What are the best women's thermals?

Because of the next-to-skin fit, the optimal style for you is a very personal preference. But the best thermals will offer the following benefits:

Thermal Regulation - They should trap body heat so your core temperature is regulated and you stay warm.

Lightweight - They should be thin and made from lightweight material so they can easily be worn under other garments.

Moisture-wicking - They should remove perspiration from your skin, reducing the cool feeling from moisture evaporation and the wet feeling of sweat.

Breathable - They should allow for some air flow, so you don't feel stuffy and wrapped up too tightly.

Ease of movement - They should be flexible so your movements aren't restricted.

Odour resistant - They should repel or resist bacteria and odour so you stay fresh.

Which women's thermals are moisture-wicking?

High quality thermals should be moisture-wicking to draw perspiration away from your skin, ensuring you don't feel damp during activity and you don't get the cooling effect of moisture evaporating off your body. All of the thermals in our women's range are moisture-wicking so you don't need to slow things down on your adventures if that's not your style.

When should I be wearing women's thermals?

Thermals are all about keeping you warm so any time you venture out in winter or to cooler climates, from everyday use to alpine adventures, think about wearing thermals to keep your core body temperature regulated. They are also highly comfortable for sleeping in.

Are women's thermals important for camping?

Your camping adventure is all about being comfortable and relaxing back in nature, but even the most serene settings can have unpredictable weather changes. If you think there is a chance you'll encounter cold, wind, rain or even snow, make sure you layer up with some thermals. Our women's range is designed to keep you warm during any cold weather activity, including camping.

Can you get Merino Wool women's thermals?

Nature often provides examples of natural materials that perform wonders in tough environments and weather conditions and Merino wool is certainly one of those. We offer two styles - 100% Australian Merino thermals and Merino Blend thermals. The main difference between the two is in the hand feel but more importantly, they both offer superior performance and a number of benefits other thermals may not. The natural crimp of the Merino wool fibres is very effective at trapping body heat, so for thermal regulation they are excellent. The natural Merino wool is also highly breathable, and resists odour and bacterial build-up so you should stay fresher for longer. They are moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping to remove perspiration from your skin and the garment itself so you don't feel damp during activity, and have excellent elasticity so your range of movement isn't restricted.

What colours are women's thermals available in?

We have designed our women's thermals with style and shape so you can wear them under your protective outer jacket in the open-air, then strip back to them once you are inside shelter. Our range features both thermal tops and thermal pants in colours such as black, charcoal, grey, navy, plum and purple.



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