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Wherever your adventures take you, a high quality, functional jacket or vest is a must-have on your gear list. Mountain Designs has an excellent selection of women's jackets and vests to choose from, each designed with a specific end use in mind and constructed from innovative fabrications to bring you long-lasting comfort, style and performance. Bad weather won't spoil your time outside when you're wearing Mountain Designs outerwear.

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What should you look for when choosing a women's jacket?

Different jackets suit different outdoor needs, so your choice really depends on what activity you are doing and what type of conditions you encounter. The main features to consider when you pick your jacket include:

Protection -When you're venturing outside in winter or to colder climates where warmth is important, down jackets, softshell jackets and fleece jackets are great options that offer insulation from cool air, and wind protection. If you're heading to the slopes, you should look for snow jackets with technical features to handle the harsher conditions. For adventures in the rain, a waterproof jacket - ideally a rain jacket with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment and a seam-sealed construction - is your go-to. Also think about whether you need it to be hooded for head and ear protection.

Comfort - Your jacket should fit well, and feel warm and soft against your skin. Its shape and contours should allow for ease of movement too. The weight of the jacket is also important - lightweight jackets are easier to move around in, as are vests. Finally, layering contributes to comfort - wear thermals as a base layer with fleece jackets or softshell jackets as a mid-layer under an outer shell, or try one warm jacket, like a down insulation jacket, to keep rain, wind and cold air out.

Function - All of our jackets are fit-for-purpose with functional design aspects to support your adventures, including pockets, hoods, adjustable sleeves and adjustable hems.

Style - Are you travelling, out-and-about running tasks, or hitting the trails? Customise your personal style through streamlined shapes and longline lengths that are flattering, and the different baffle construction designs on our puffer jackets that offer individual style choice.

What are the best vests and jackets for women?

The best vests and jackets strike the right balance between comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. We stock a variety of different styles covering rain jackets, down jackets (or puffer jackets as they're also known as), softshell jackets, snow jackets, fleece jackets, merino jackets, and vests, in a number of colours, sizes and styles. So whether you are walking with friends, skiing the snow season or ticking off a bucket list item at the top of a mountain, Mountain Designs has a great range of women's jackets and vests that are fit-for-purpose and designed to keep you comfortable all day long.

Should I choose a vest or jacket?

A jacket provides more coverage so you should be wearing one if you need to stay warmer and drier. A vest is a good pick when the sun is out and having your arms bare is more comfortable, or when it's raining and it can be layered up under a waterproof jacket or insulation jacket. For activities that require the ability to move freely, such as hiking or camping, vests are also effective.

What are the warmest vests for women?

Vests produce warmth but with less bulk, so you have a greater range of movement when active. To ensure your core is still heated properly however, you need a vest that provides insulation from the cold, and wind protection. Down vests are an excellent choice for warmth without the weight because their natural down fill traps air in small pockets between the feathers, thereby reducing heat transfer. Another option is a fleece vest with a wind-resistant, inner membrane that locks body heat within and shields chilly air from entering.

Which are the best lightweight vests for women?

Down vests generally make for the best lightweight vests as they offer exceptional warmth without weight through their highly compressible, natural down fill that traps heat within the down clusters. This maintains warmth but with reduced bulk. For an ultra-lightweight puffer vest, choose premium goose down over duck down as it can trap more warmth meaning less fill is required. Synthetic fibres can also have very good insulating properties so fleece vests can be a lightweight option, depending on the weight of the fleece knit construction.

Why should I choose a hooded jacket?

A hooded jacket provides an important layer of protection for two reasons. First and foremost, it covers your head and ears from wind, snow or rain, ensuring your skin is actually shielded from these elements. In turn, minimising exposure reduces the potential for heat loss and a drop in core body temperature, therefore keeping you warmer for longer. Mountain Designs has a range of hooded rain jackets, hooded down jackets and vests, hooded softshell jackets, hooded snow jackets, and hooded fleece jackets to give you further protection and comfort when you're up against tough weather.

Which women's jackets are waterproof?

Don't cancel your plans when it rains, just zip on a waterproof jacket. For years we have been engineering our rain jackets with technical elements to keep you outside even when the heavens burst. Features such as waterproof fabrics, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish treatments, inner membranes and fully seam sealed construction deliver reliable, high performance outer shell protection. Our snow jackets and softshell jackets also adopt many of these features so no matter how hard the rain beats down or how heavy the snow falls, you are fully protected with a Mountain Designs waterproof jacket.

What longline women's jackets are available?

A longline jacket offers you more - more style with its flattering silhouette, and more protection with its longer than average length covering more of your body from the elements. Great for travel, outdoor events or exploring the city on a chilly day, you can dress up your look with its streamline shape. The Mountain Designs women's range includes longline styles in down jackets and rain jackets, in a variety of colours and sizes.



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