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Your all-important outer layer must provide comfort and protection from the elements, so Mountain Designs has purpose-built an extensive range of men’s pants and shorts to keep you covered on your outdoor adventures. We offer a wide variety of hiking pants, travel pants, rain pants, softshell pants, snow pants, fleece pants, and shorts, each constructed with an end use in mind and all designed to perform.

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What are the best men’s pants and shorts for hiking?

For the avid hiker, a pair of technical hiking pants or shorts that is high in quality and functionality is a must and our range includes various options to choose from. But what makes a technical hiking pant? Look for hard-wearing fabric that also has some stretch to allow you to move freely, making dynamic body movements up, down and across various terrains more comfortable. The fabric should also be moisture wicking, quick drying and breathable to manage perspiration. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish is beneficial if you are navigating streams or wet weather interferes, while functional features such as pockets for convenient on-the-go storage, and reinforced patches for durability, also add value. For versatility in hot and humid conditions, consider convertible pants that zip off at the lower leg to transform into shorts.

What are the warmest men’s pants?

Our snow pants offer the most warmth to ensure you stay comfortable while carving up the slopes on your ski, snowboard and other snow sport adventures. These styles are engineered to meet the greater demands of snow conditions, with features such as synthetic fill, seam sealed construction and waterproof outer shells. Our fleece pants and softshell pants are also designed to enhance warmth, so work out how cold it’s going to get on your adventures, then work out which pair of pants suits you best.

Why should I buy men’s pants rather than shorts?

Long story short, men’s pants simply provide more protection than shorts. Whether you’re wearing rain pants, snow pants, softshell pants or fleece pants, by covering the lower leg you maintain greater warmth and comfort by preventing the elements from reaching your skin. In addition with hiking pants, you can also reduce the chances of superficial skin injuries like scratches, cuts and rashes caused by brushing past tree branches or slipping onto rough surfaces.

What are the best waterproof men’s pants?

Our snow pants keep snow, ice and water on the outside where it belongs through a waterproof yet highly breathable outer shell fabric, seam sealed construction, and design features such as internal snow cuffs and adjustable hems. Our rain pants are also an excellent choice for waterproofness, providing reliable rain and wind protection when the weather turns nasty on your adventures.

What are the most lightweight men’s pants?

For lightweight men’s pants, go straight for a pair of fleece pants. Favourites for lounging at home, unwinding around the campsite or laidback travel, they use lightweight micro fleece to provide warmth without weight, and a soft-feel against your skin for cosy comfort. Our rain pants also deliver lightweight performance.

Are men’s pants or shorts essential for camping?

Men’s pants or shorts are a camping must-have. Depending on which style you choose, your Mountain Designs pants or shorts are designed to keep water, cold air, wind, snow, dirt, mud, harmful UV rays and even insects away from your skin. They provide the ultimate in comfort and protection, and that’s what a relaxing time around the campsite is all about.

What styles of men’s pants and shorts are available?

Our men’s pants and shorts range includes a variety of styles purpose-built for a specific end use, including hiking pants and shorts, travel pants and shorts, rain pants, snow pants, softshell pants and fleece pants. These styles come in various sizes from Extra Small to 3XL, a number of colour options and with technical design features to ensure the highest levels of comfort and protection. So whatever climates and conditions you find yourself hiking, camping, skiing, travelling and venturing about in, Mountain Designs has a pair of men’s pants or shorts designed to work for you.

What are the most practical men’s pants for exploring?

Ultimately this is a personal choice but Mountain Designs has two styles that have been purpose-built with versatility in mind. Our traditional convertible pant in our hiking pants range is the first pick for obvious reasons. With the ability to zip off at the lower leg and transform into shorts, these give you the most flexibility in terms of adapting your outfit to different climates, weather conditions and outdoor activities. They are highly durable for long-lasting wear, designed for ease of movement, feature bulk pockets for convenient on-the-go storage, and are quick drying. The other practical option for exploring the outdoors is in a pair of softshell pants, a popular all-rounder that offers warmth minus the weight, as well as many of the features listed above. Either way, you’re kitting yourself out in high performance pants designed for great explorations.



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