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Adventure starts at any age so we have taken our expertise in creating high quality, functional gear for the 'big kids' and applied it to our children's clothing range. Each garment is purpose-made to deliver comfort and protection so junior adventurers can make the most of their hiking, camping, snow or travel experience through the winter season.

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What kids' clothing can I purchase at Mountain Designs?

Our current range of kids' outdoor clothing offers thermals in Merino Blend and Polypro fabrications, in both tops and pants, so your little adventurer is warm and comfortable during cold weather activities. These come in a variety of colours, and sizes ranging from 2 to 16. Our equipment range also has an assortment of outdoor gear that can be used by kids, including packs, sleeping bags and sleeping mats, tents, hiking poles and other accessories.

What materials are kids' thermals available in?

Our kids' thermals range is available in two performance fabrics, Merino Blend and Polypro. These are both lightweight and moisture-wicking, and provide thermal regulation to ensure comfort and warmth in cold weather conditions. Each fabrication style features thermal tops and thermal pants, in a choice of colours and in sizes ranging from 2 to 16.

What are the benefits of Merino wool for kids?

Merino wool provides a number of natural benefits that give it superior performance over other materials used in kids' thermals. The fibres of the Merino wool are excellent for thermal regulation, trapping body heat against the skin to maintain warmth in cold climates. It is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying, removing perspiration away from the skin and reducing the cooling effect caused by moisture evaporation. It retains its shape due to the elasticity of the fibres, is highly breathable, and resists odour and bacterial build-up to help keep a feeling of freshness.

Are kids' thermals quick-drying?

The Merino Blend and Polypro fabrics in our kids' thermals range are both quick-drying, making them comfortable to wear in all conditions. Children's clothing should be easy to care for, given the wear and tear that kids put it through, so our quick-drying thermals are also a great choice because of how easy they are to maintain.



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