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We know that with the right footwear, your mind is left free to discover new sights and sounds while your feet continue along your chosen path. That's why the Mountain Designs women's footwear range has been purpose-built for outdoor adventure. With categories covering hiking boots, hiking shoes, casual shoes, sandals, socks and gaiters - and a wide range of premier brands to choose from - wherever your adventure takes you, your feet will be comfortable, supported and protected by the best.

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What types of women's footwear is available?

Our extensive range of women's footwear includes hiking boots, hiking shoes, sandals, socks and gaiters so you are covered for every season and all types of conditions. We stock premier brands that deliver high quality, functional and fit-for-purpose styles giving you confidence and comfort no matter what adventure you embark upon. When making your selection online, filter your search by size, brand, type, price and even colour to make sure you lace up your perfect footwear choice.

What are the best hiking boots for women?

Your hiking boots are arguably the most important piece of equipment on your trail adventure. After all, they are there every step of the way and if they don't deliver comfort and protection in spades, you're going to know about it by nightfall. Many brands offer styles that have been designed specifically to fit women's feet so look for these premium offerings. Otherwise, the best women's hiking boots should provide:

Protection - Hiking boots with hard-wearing outers and toe caps protect against rocks and hard debris, while waterproof linings and waterproof upper treatments shield your feet from rain and water.

Grip - For rugged terrain or muddy tracks, your hiking boots need durable soles with deep, multi-directional lugs for traction. If you are staying on managed paths or concrete, you'll only need minimal grip so light hiking boots or trail running shoes are suitable.

Height - Ankle support is important for trails that are uneven so mid and tall cut hiking boots are great because they give you a locked-in feel. Choose low cut hiking boots and hiking shoes for flatter surfaces.

Weight - Lightweight hiking boots are ideal because they save you energy with every step. But don't compromise on support, fit or protection just to get the lightest pair you can find as you still need a sturdy base, especially if you are a carrying a pack.

Materials - Leather gives you a classic look along with durability and protection, but it can be heavier and take longer to wear in than synthetic materials. Remember that fit and feel is more important than looks.

Why are women's hiking boots important?

Many injuries that are picked up on the trails are preventable, particularly with the right pair of hiking boots. If fitted correctly, your feet should sit snugly within to minimise the risk of blisters and hot spots while on the outside, the enhanced grip should reduce the likelihood of you slipping or twisting an ankle. The higher durability of hiking boots will also protect from impact injuries. Invest in some high-quality hiking boots, so you can spend more time enjoying the thrill of the adventure and less time worrying about, or treating, unnecessary injuries.

What are the warmest boots for winter?

Our women's footwear range includes hiking boots and hiking shoes that are built to handle the colder temperatures of winter with waterproof linings and quality, durable soles to offer you enhanced weather protection. Hiking boots with tall or mid cut heights wrap the ankle and keep cold air and moisture out so a style with this design is optimal.

What are the best women's footwear options for camping?

Camping is less taxing on your feet than a day spent trekking so lightweight footwear is your most comfortable option. You still need some durability and protection, however, as you don't want to spill hot water on your feet or stub your toe on a stray tree root. Lightweight hiking shoes are a good solution as they often tick both these boxes. If you really want to put your feet up, choose some open shoes or sandals, which are great for relaxing in, as well as hotter temperatures where they allow your feet to breathe.

What footwear can be worn in the snow?

If you're heading to the snow, your hiking boots need heavy duty, durable soles with deep lug patterns to handle the slipperiness of ice and snow underfoot, and some form of waterproof treatment or lining to keep moisture from penetrating the upper or within. A high cut or tall cut style is also advisable, to tightly wrap your ankle and keep the elements on the outside. Specifically-designed snow socks are also important for warmth, comfort and support inside the hiking boots.

What lightweight women's footwear options are available?

We stock premier footwear brands that specialise in producing boots and shoes built for adventure. They know that every gram saved in their designs, saves you energy during your pursuits. We have a huge range of women's hiking boots, hiking shoes and sandals that utilise lightweight materials and design constructions to help reduce weight and bulk, so your footwear is fit-for-purpose, but still comfortable and easy to get around in.

Do I need special socks for women's footwear?

Yes, because the fact of the matter is, they're not just socks. To get the best out of your footwear and your performance, you need fit-for-purpose socks that are designed for different adventures. If you are hiking or trekking, you want socks to provide some thermal regulation, breathability and more cushioning in targeted zones like your toes and heels to prevent blisters. You also want to match your sock height with the height of your footwear, so a crew cut or high cut sock works best with hiking boots. For walking, trail running or travelling, lighter, multi-adventure socks with a shorter cut provide suitable comfort and support. We also offer sock liners, and snow socks designed for skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports.



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