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Every time you step outside, your feet should be comfortable and protected with high quality footwear. Mountain Designs socks will complement your boots and shoes, giving you purpose-made support no matter what activity you choose to pursue. Our extensive range of socks for women has various styles in different fabrications, lengths, colours and sizes. So whatever adventure you undertake, we can cater to your needs.

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What are the best women's socks for hiking?

We recommend purpose-made hiking or trekking socks over traditional athletic socks. The best women's socks for hiking and trekking combine thermal regulation properties and breathability to manage body heat and perspiration. This allows your feet to breathe and means they won't 'burn up' on the trails when you've been active for long periods of time. Other features of high quality women's socks include zoned elastic to prevent slipping, and reinforced cushioning around the toes and heel to minimize rubbing and blisters. You should also match your sock length with your footwear, so go for crew-cut or high-cut socks with hiking boots.

What are the benefits of using good quality socks outdoors?

From hard-core hiking expeditions to more casual camping adventures, your outdoor gear should provide the type of comfort, protection and performance you can rely on all day, every day. Quality socks create an important barrier between your skin and footwear, minimising rubbing that may lead to blisters or hot spots, and managing moisture away for hygiene. They should also add warmth when conditions get chilly. Our range has been designed for different end uses, so whatever activity you pursue there is a high quality, purpose-made sock for you to pull on with confidence.

Which women's socks are quick drying?

We make our socks for specific end uses, from hiking and trekking socks, to snow socks and multi-adventure socks. They each have different design features to enhance their performance but one thing they all have in common is the ability to wick moisture away from the skin, then dry quickly. This is an essential feature for ensuring comfort and hygiene all day long. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties help to minimise rubbing that leads to blisters and hot spots, and control bacteria that eventually leads to bad odours.

Which socks are ideal for skiing and snowboarding?

First and foremost, your snow socks should keep your feet warm and dry while you're out in the snow. They should also have targeted cushioning in the toe, heel and shin for additional comfort, and be breathable and moisture-wicking to manage perspiration and body heat as you get more active. A thicker feel will also aid in warmth and protection. Our snow socks provide all these performance benefits, making them perfectly suited to skiing or snowboarding.

What are the benefits of using Merino socks?

We make our women's wool socks with Merino wool, which is a natural insulator that helps to regulate body temperature. The natural crimp of the wool fibre traps heat, and also aids in breathability, moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. Merino wool also has a natural resistance to odour and bacterial build up, further reinforcing the performance of our women's wool socks.

What lengths of women's socks are available?

We range women's ankle socks for activities like walking, trail running, climbing or other adventure sports. They are either mini-cut or micro-cut and are similar to athletic socks. For hiking and trekking, we offer mid-crew, crew and high-crew heights, and for snow sports we have snow socks that are full-cut height.



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