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Any seasoned explorer knows that quality footwear is worth its weight in gold at the end of a long, tiring day. Mountain Designs offers a comprehensive range of men's footwear, including categories covering hiking boots, hiking shoes, casual shoes, sandals, socks and gaiters, with a selection of premier brands to choose from. So with such a wide choice, the only problem will be deciding where to go next.

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How extensive is the range of men's footwear?

Mountain Designs offers a comprehensive range of men's footwear that includes hiking boots, hiking shoes, sandals, socks and gaiters. We stock a variety of styles from premier brands so you know your selection is quality, functional and built for adventure. When choosing your footwear from our range, you can filter your search by size, brand, type, price and even colour to narrow down your options and make sure your final choice best matches your outdoor activity needs. So whether you are hiking, walking, camping, trail running, heading to the beach or just getting around outdoors during the day, we have a footwear solution for you.

What is the best option of men's footwear?

Different footwear styles offer different features that enhance comfort and support during use. For example, they may provide shock absorption for trail running, grip for hiking and trekking, and breathability for water-based activities. The best option for your adventure depends on what your adventure is. Start with your end use, then look for footwear that has been designed with the technical components to meet the demands of it.

What are the best hiking boots for men?

The right hiking boots can make a big difference to your day on the trails. Even the tiniest blister can spoil your time outside. You should consider a number of features when choosing hiking boots, and as a general rule, these include:

  • Protection - Consider styles with toe caps and heel caps for protection against rocks and hard debris, and waterproof linings and waterproof upper treatments for protection against rain and water.
  • Grip - What kind of terrain will you be hiking on? If you are on concrete or managed trail paths, your boot only needs minimal grip so light hiking boots or trail running shoes may be best. If your terrain is rocky or muddy, traction becomes crucial so your hiking boots might need a deep, multi-directional lug pattern.
  • Height -Mid and tall cut hiking boots provide excellent ankle support for a locked-in feel, handling treks across undulating terrain more easily. Low cut hiking boots work well on flatter surfaces.
  • Weight - Lightweight hiking boots save you weight with every step, preserving more of your energy over the course of the day. On the other hand, if you are going to be hiking all day, you need extra support so your boots still need to be durable and sturdy. Choose the lightest hiking boots you can find that still offer you the right fit, protection and support.
  • Materials - Synthetic materials tend to be lighter and more breathable than leather, and take less time to break in, but offer less protection and durability over time.

Why are men's hiking boots important?

Selecting the right hiking boots for your adventure is important for two major reasons. First and foremost, if you have a boot that offers protection, performance and comfort, you can focus more on having fun and enjoying the great outdoors. The other reason to pick an appropriate hiking boot is quite simply, safety. The right hiking boots should have design features that minimise the likelihood of slipping, twisting an ankle, or rubbing that causes blisters and hotspots. Your adventure should be about exploration and enjoyment, and not hampered by preventable injuries.

What is the best men's footwear for camping?

Most of your time around the campsite will be spent relaxing, cooking, or setting up your equipment. With that in mind, the best men's footwear for camping will typically be those hiking shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and offer some form of protection. Nobody wants to drop a heavy pan on their toe or step on a stray tent peg. Also, while you want some level of grip, it is not as vital because any walking will most likely be on flat, even ground rather than the rocky, undulating or wet terrain of trails where traction is imperative. Another great option is open shoes or sandals. They are great for relaxing, as well as hot conditions where they allow air to circulate around your feet.

What is the best option for men's footwear for winter?

Mountain Designs men's footwear range includes hiking shoes and hiking boots specifically designed to handle winter and cold climates. Look for styles that have fleece linings, waterproof linings, tall or mid cut lengths, and a quality sole. Hiking boots tend to be better for winter as they help to wrap the ankle and keep the elements out.

What lightweight men's footwear options are available?

Avid adventurers know that carrying less weight over the course of the day means an easier, more enjoyable time spent in the outdoors. Footwear manufacturers also know this, so their material selection and design construction become essential to the final performance. The majority of the hiking boots, hiking shoes and sandals in the Mountain Designs men's footwear range are lightweight, with our premier brands offering styles that incorporate patented technologies to help reduce weight and bulk.

Do I need special socks for men's footwear?

Mountain Designs offers a variety of socks in our men's footwear range that are purpose-built for different adventures. Accordingly, like boots and shoes, your choice of socks depends on your activity. When hiking or trekking, you would typically look for a sock that provides temperature control, breathability and more cushioning in targeted areas to prevent rubbing or slipping. You may also consider a crew cut or high cut style. For walking, trail running and other adventure sports, lighter multi-adventure socks with a shorter cut will be ok. The range also includes sock liners, and snow socks designed to enhance performance while you ski, snowboard or participate in other snow sports.



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