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We all need to get off the grid once in a while but it makes smart sense to have some reliable tech in your gear, just to keep your adventure on track. Mountain Designs offers a range of exceptionally high quality electronics and navigation accessories from premium global brands that give you accurate, dependable info and hard-wearing use no matter where your journey takes you. From lighting devices and power supplies to watches and compasses, have the information, tools and power you need at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

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What electronics and navigation systems are available?

At Mountain Designs, we have a comprehensive range of electronics and navigation systems to help you on your adventure. We stock premium brands such as Black Diamond, Led Lenser, Suunto, Garmin and BioLite that specialise in the following:

Lighting & Power Supplies - If you're in need of a headlamp, torch or lantern, we have an excellent range to choose from. This also includes power supplies such as solar panels, so you can take advantage of those sunny days.

Watches - Take your pick from an awesome range of smart watches that deliver all the information you need, right there on your wrist. From GPS navigation and weather conditions, to training programs and activity tracking (and of course telling the time), these watches are packed with features that will take your adventure to the next level.

Compasses & Handheld GPS Navigation - We offer the more traditional form of compass, as well as handheld electronic GPS navigation units. We know you want to get off the beaten track but there's no harm in having a little help to get back on it.

What are the must-have electronics for the outdoors?

While there probably isn't a definitive answer for this (and it really depends on what activity you're undertaking) if there is one 'must-have' item it is a headlamp. Being able to see when night falls while maintaining mobility and use of your hands, makes life much easier whether at the camp site, on the trails or climbing. As with all your outdoor gear, it makes good sense to equip yourself with the right gear to get you through. Based on activity, some other essentials include:

Camping - A lantern or torch (other than you're headlamp). A great choice is a multi-functional lantern that also allows you to charge your mobile or other USB devices. For an eco-friendly charging option that delivers off-grid energy, go with a solar panel. A basic compass may also be handy for simple location and directional needs.

Hiking - A handheld GPS navigation device or GPS smart watch, especially if your trek is through isolated locations, difficult terrain or in challenging weather conditions. You will also want to make sure your headlamp has high durability and a reliable battery life.

Climbing, Trail Running & Adventure Racing - The physical nature of these activities means you want to maximise mobility and use of your hands and legs. You'll also want quick access to info such as locations, terrain and weather conditions. So for high performance, a GPS smart watch is the go, giving you everything you need while sitting comfortably (and out of the way) on your wrist.

Travel - Power supplies are handy on any journey, allowing you to charge your phone, headlamp, watch or other USB devices quickly and easily while on the move. If you're backpacking, aids to navigation will be helpful, so consider a GPS smart watch.

What navigation gear can you choose from?

Our range of navigation systems features trusted brands such as Suunto and Garmin, and includes traditional-style compasses and handheld electronic GPS navigation devices. We also offer smart watches with GPS functionality. As with any safety equipment, you need reliable, high quality, purpose-made navigation systems to ensure your adventure is safe and comfortable.

What are the benefits of using a handheld GPS?

Handheld GPS navigation systems are dependable travel companions no matter where you're heading. Having access to key information - such as locations, points of interest and terrain topography - can help make your journey easier, quicker and less stressful. They will also assist with geocaching as they will lock onto a set of coordinates much more accurately.

What are the best lights and headlamps?

The best lights and headlamps should be multi-functional, with brightness adjustability as well as additional modes such as blink, SOS and strobe. They should also have long, reliable battery life (ideally, adjustable battery modes to manage output), and when it comes to physical construction, be lightweight, durable and compact. A waterproof/dustproof housing is also a sign of quality, so you can keep adventuring through tough terrain or when the weather turns a bit ugly.

What are the best watches to choose from?

The best watches are the ones that provide you the best value for money. If you're adventure requires high functionality, durability and key information, a robust GPS smart watch that delivers location services, weather conditions and activity tracking will be worth every cent. Think multi-day hiking, alpine expeditions, adventure racing and trail running. If you're heading out on a day hike or you're just active in the outdoors, you might not need all of these features, so pick a less expensive model that meets your needs.



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