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Don't get caught out when the sun goes down – ensure you have all bases covered with the exceptional Mountain Designs range of light and power sources. Designed for high performance, reliability and durability on hiking, camping, climbing and snow pursuits, our range will light the way when night falls on your adventure into the great outdoors.

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What lights and power gear are available?

When it comes to light and power, we've got all your outdoor adventures covered. If you need a powerful, reliable headlamp or torch, we stock an excellent selection from premium brands such as Led Lenser, Black Diamond and BioLite, which are known for their design, functionality and performance. We also have a range of lanterns and outdoor lights that are great for camping lighting.

How can you choose the best headlamp for you?

Choosing the right model comes down to your activity. If you are going to be moving between locations and exposed to varying weather conditions, you will probably want a multi-functional headlamp. Look for brightness levels and brightness adjustability (check the lumens and whether you can shift between settings), as well as additional modes such as blink, SOS and strobe. You should also choose a headlamp that will perform for the duration of your activity - for longer-lasting adventures you need long, reliable battery life (ideally with adjustable battery modes to manage output). A lightweight, durable and compact construction that is waterproof/dustproof is another feature to consider, so you can keep adventuring through tough terrain or when the weather is poor.

What is the best lighting for camping?

Getting the right camping lighting can make a night in the great outdoors much more comfortable. Opt for powerful outdoor lights or a lantern with high lumens strength, so you can illuminate your camp site and make gear and any tripping hazards (rocks, logs or trees) easy to see within your surroundings. Multi-functional lanterns are a great lighting option that also allow you to charge your mobile or other USB devices. If you're staying put and have good sunny weather, set up a solar panel for an eco-friendly charging option that delivers off-grid energy.

What are the brightest lights?

When choosing your lights, the first place to start is by comparing how powerful the brightness levels of each option is. The brightest lights will typically have the highest lumens, which means a longer and stronger light beam from your torch or headlamp, or a greater light distribution from your lantern or outdoor lights network.

Which lights have the longest battery-life?

The battery life - or burn time - of your headlamp, torch or lantern will be determined by a number of factors. These primarily include the brightness setting, usage duration, and spread (narrow beam or wide beam). All things being equal, the more lumens being used and the longer the light is on, the faster your light will burn up battery power. Each model will be different, so it's important to be clear on what you need the light for, and compare functionality and lumens power.

Which lights are rechargeable?

With sustainability high on the agenda these days, most light and power electric utility products on the market are rechargeable. When you're looking at a headlamp, torch or the lanterns in our range, check the specifications to see if the model is rechargeable by USB, uses rechargeable batteries, or uses standard consumable batteries.



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